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Pet battles pause queue timers!

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Pet battles pause queue timers!

Postby Brandmooin » June 29th, 2013, 10:06 pm

Hello my Friends and Guildies!

It recently came to my attention that if a group is queued for a dungeon or scenario and a member of the group engages in any pet battle the group timer is paused for the duration of the battle. Which means, for instance, if the group starts with a 20 minute timer, and one person goes from pet battle to pet battle, the timer is only running down during the moment between when one pet battle ends and the next battle begins. If someone were to continue to do battle after battle a 20 minute timer could easily take hours to run down.

So, knowing this, if you are in a group and that green ball quits rotating, someone started a pet battle! And you get to wait through not just the regular queue time, but all the time they add on by making you wait for their battle to end.

Please be respectful of the time of your friends and guildies, and refrain from starting a pet battle while waiting for your queue to pop. Fish, maybe, and have a shot at a nice fish pet. But don't make the queue endless. Unless you plan on not getting invited to any more groups.


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Re: Pet battles pause queue timers!

Postby Moriasdepths » June 29th, 2013, 10:27 pm

Does this perhaps work differently if one is grouped vs solo? I've never tested this in a group, but while alone I've had plenty of pet battles (both wild and trainers) interrupted by my dungeon popping.

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