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Collection: 589 (unique)

Finally finished leveling all of my pets!  Woohoo!

Since I'm finished leveled pets, but am still doing my dailies for battle-stones - I'm currently offering to levels others pets while I do my dailies for free.  Since others have helped me in a similar fashion, I'm paying it forward. 


See my forum post here for more information: (US) Free Pet Leveling

Highest Ranks:

Skywall: #1 | Site: #375 (current)

Today at 8:01pm | Skywall-US | Pets: 589 Compare collections | Score: 3513

Working on Withers :)

Today at 6:47pm | Azuremyst-EU | Pets: 104 Compare collections | Score: 404
Today at 3:24pm | Silvermoon-EU | Pets: 608 Compare collections | Score: 3453

☆Exciting News☆

Found a Sky-Bo for 10.5k. Worth it not to have to stalk Blingtron everyday. Always easier to replace gold then find pets lol.


♡Currently Working On♡

Trying to level more pets and replace my uncommons with rares.

Running old instances for mounts too.

Farming Bones for White Primal Raptor Mount


Most Wanted TCG/Bizzcon Pets:


Eye of the Legion

Gusting Grimoire


Hippogryph Hatchling


Missing Raid Pets:

Droplet of Y'Shaarj

Son of Animus

Viscous Horror

Today at 3:04pm | Vek'nilash-US | Pets: 575 Compare collections | Score: 2857

No big pet news this week, I did obtain both the new Hallows End pets though.  However my "best week ever" is due to me FINALLY getting both the Headless Horsemen mount and the Karazgan mount :D Dead ponies everywhere!

Today at 1:54pm | Area 52-US | Pets: 550 Compare collections | Score: 2715

Had a great 24-ish hours. Just returning after a long break and after a quick transfer to a new server where friends are found 2 unborn(3 but first one killed herself), Artic Fox, Baby Ape, and Sithilid ....guess servers way of saying welcome back! woot!


Thanks for all the awesome info here. Huge help for all pet collectors

Today at 1:43pm | Emerald Dream-US | Pets: 407 Compare collections | Score: 1965

Unique Pets: 588

Level 25 Pets: 519


Highest Ranking on Silvermoon (US): 4

Highest Ranking on WCP: 499


Current Goal:  Level all Elemental pets to Level 25

Latest Achievement: Leveled all ‘C’ pets to Level 25

Families Completed (Leveling): Mechanical, Dragonkin, Undead, Humanoid, Aquatic, Magic


Latest Acquisitions: Bronze Whelpling, Widget the Departed, Cursed Birman

Latest Level 25 Pets:  Fledgling Buzzard, Miniwing, Moccasin, Green Wing Macaw, Water Snake, Death Adder Hatchling, Rock Viper, King Snake


Wish List: Pre-Wrath CE Pets, Blizzcon Pets, Darkmoon Rabbit


Visit the Catch That Pet thread for leveling motivation!

Today at 1:00pm | Silvermoon-US | Pets: 588 Compare collections | Score: 3493

looking for pets I do not have.  Message me in game.  Thanks

Today at 12:52pm | Lightbringer-US | Pets: 580 Compare collections | Score: 3119


Today at 10:14am | Stormscale-EU | Pets: 291 Compare collections | Score: 1166

I'm new to the site, hello! I've recently become addicted to battle pets, and finding pets to battle with. I love how helpful this site has been; thanks so much :)

Today at 9:26am | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 71 Compare collections | Score: 235

I <3 you, Stormwing.

Today at 8:15am | Lothar-US | Pets: 602 Compare collections | Score: 3587

thanks to my love camal for getting me the cute little Viscous Horror!!

Just got Darkmoon rabit from the ah ..only 35k could not say no even tho iam so bloody broke now , so got all ingame pets totley worth it^^

last 2 battle achiments..Deadly Pet Brawler just maked me sad to think about stil 646 battles to win ..

Got all wild pets as rare so now stone farming...only about 32 stone to go ^^

Today at 4:13am | Scarshield Legion-EU | Pets: 586 Compare collections | Score: 3228

Non-pet related, but I hit 251 mounts today!


Blizzcon is fast approaching!  If you're going this year we'd love to see you at our meet up!  More details closer to the event!


We'd like to take this time to thank all the guilds that opened their roster to people who needed a place to get the Thundering Serpent Hatchling!  This is what makes pet collectors the best part of WoW!


Almost five years I've been volunteering for this site, and I've never regretted a moment!


You guys rock! This website rocks, and I'm glad I can donate my time to helping the site and the community.

Today at 2:30am | Madoran-US | Pets: 612 Compare collections | Score: 3651

 I still need the RAF pets x 2. 

A Super big /Hugs to Myner, Ravenmagi and Sanctum for the help on getting my hands on two pets I have wanted since they first came out on TCG cards! <3 the Spectral Tiger Cub and the Ethereal Soul-Trader, respectively. The help was so ... beyond words!


 Update  : Leveling more pets... I think I can; I think I can; I think I can... RAWR!!! Looking forward to the drop of WoD... Still going after pets pets and more pets XD.


End update  


 My daughter and I just joined WarcraftPets guild@Madoran on alts! YAY! 


 As always,  Much love to the GORGANITES! You all rock! I'm so enjoying the Thundering Hatchling! <3 





Yesterday at 9:33pm | Azjol-Nerub-US | Pets: 571 Compare collections | Score: 3077

 Pet Collection Goals:

• Collect all wanted pets: 587/609 (96.4%)

• Upgrade all battle pets to rare: 522/587 (88.9%)

• Level all rare pets to 25: 192/522 (36.8%)


 Latest Aquisitions:

• Iron Starlette 

• Bronze Whelpling

• Cursed Birman

• Widget the Departed 


 Most Wanted:

• Murkalot


 Working on Obtaining:

• Argent Gruntling

Stunted Direhorn (Pet PvP Battles: 10/250)


**A special thanks to the great members of this wonderful community for helping me get this far.**

Yesterday at 1:47pm | Baelgun-US | Pets: 587 Compare collections | Score: 3215


Yesterday at 1:17pm | The Venture Co-US | Pets: 0 Compare collections | Score: 0



Desired List:


Birman (Tricky Treats)

Sky Bo (Blingtron)

Viscous Horror ToT Primordius - NH (not LFR)

Stunted Direhorn (PvP Pet Battling Achieve - 160/250 on hold, burnt out)

RaF:  golden pig, silver pig

TCG: Bananas, Tuskarr Kite

old CEs/other games: bunch I don't have, many too pricey


Most recently aquired:


Widget (awww new kitties!)

Iron Starlette and Bronze Whelpling

Yesterday at 10:24am | Dark Iron-US | Pets: 587 Compare collections | Score: 2889

Second Egg was a Green Primal Raptor.  Waiting on 3rd egg to hatch now.  Also got both Jade and Slate Primal Direhorns.


No Sky-bo yet.  Still need 4 pets from RAF.


In Progress -

Vitreous Stone Drake: 203 runs


Stats -

Pet count: 601 (#2 Ysera-US)

Pet score: 3382 (#2 Ysera-US)

Mount count: 302 (A + H combined)

Toy count: 111

Title count: 63

Achievement points: 17415


Latest pets:


Widget the Departed

Cursed Birman


Latest Mount(s):

Jade Primal Direhorn

Green Primal Raptor

Black Primal Raptor

Slate Primal Direhorn


Latest Title(s):

of the Iron Vanguard

Yesterday at 7:21am | Ysera-US | Pets: 601 Compare collections | Score: 3382

Ethereal soul plunderer added to my collection.. huzzah!

Yesterday at 4:42am | Nagrand-US | Pets: 411 Compare collections | Score: 1926

Got my BlizzCon ticket last week, just wating for the new addition ♥


Personal Delights

• Pets at lvl25 - 251/596

• Toy Box - 69/195 - This needs alot of attention:/

• Mounts - 229


• Wating for: Grommloc!

• Working on: Stunted Direhorn


Newest Pets

Widget the Departed & Cursed Birman

Wind Rider Cub - Thnx to Haevlyn:)

Iron Starlette, Sky-Bo & Bronze Whelpling - got lucky with these on 1day ♥ 


Thnx to Breanni for the opportunity to make my own Menagerie

Free inv for Thundering Serpent Hatchling - For more info check out this thread

Yesterday at 1:52am | Turalyon-EU | Pets: 596 Compare collections | Score: 3478

After a wonderful long weekend with my wife in Seattle, I am BACK!


...and got Widget, Birman, Sky-Bo, Stormwing (where was this on Day 1?) and 2 Bronze Whelplings.




ALMOST to Trainer- 40 PVP wins left!!!


Back in the game baby!



2 days ago at 11:50pm | Ysera-US | Pets: 610 Compare collections | Score: 3301

Finally caught Scourged Whelpling. It's an uncommon but I could havehad a rare. First one spawned at 10:30am and I look over and yelled, "Yes! It's rare!" then look back and moaned, "No! I forgot to heal my pets". I captered it then lost the battle. It was very depressing.



Got The Longest Day today. Hadn't killed any of the fables since 5.3 made them immune to my old method. Ended up using Pandaren Water Spirit and a level 20 Chrominius to burst them down on turn 4 (Geyser, Whirlpool, Howl, Surge of Power).


All the bags netted me a hand full of stones and a Mountain Panda.



150 for Cursed Birman - Check!

150 for Widget the Departed - Check!

50 for Lil' Wickerman - Check!


total: 450, that was a lot of flying.

2 days ago at 11:00pm | Stormreaver-US | Pets: 457 Compare collections | Score: 2048

Leveling all pets to lvl 20 first! Still working on upgrading 73 pets /gag  

Attempting to get as many 25's as possible before I worry about upgrading, still only about 83/571

2 days ago at 8:51pm | Nesingwary-US | Pets: 571 Compare collections | Score: 3108

Visit my blog, PetCharge! for PvE strats.

2 days ago at 5:05pm | Norgannon-US | Pets: 582 Compare collections | Score: 3434

I'm currently trying to get caught up on Pets and Pet Battle Cheese.

2 days ago at 12:28pm | Illidan-US | Pets: 539 Compare collections | Score: 2577
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