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I've been on a long hiatus from Wow and I've dropped below top 50 on my server. This might actually motivate me to start lvling pets again. I bought a few a pets and I've farmed some as well. I've hit 600 and then some. :) Was nice to finally hit that milestone. :) Time to get my butt in gear and finish Draenic Pet Battler so I can get my pet managerie to lvl 3.


Latest Pets:


Chaos Pup


Latest Mounts:

Blue Drake

Grand Expedition Yak


Working On:

Mountacular: 220/250

Draenic Pet Battler: 98/150


Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

Today at 3:40am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 607 Compare collections | Score: 3062

News of the day: More pets to lv25! Running out of ideas what to level next?! and running old raids for pets for a friend, I'm so nice!


♥Recent additions

682. Droplet of Y'Shaarj

681. Crawling Claw

680. Viscous Horror

679. Bone Wasp

678. Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon


√Todo List:

Trunks 42/44

Celestials Tournament 2/4

Darkmoon Faire Pets 11/14

Nat Pagle 0/2



All rare quality

All pets to level 25

Draenor Pet Brawler 400+/2000

Legendary Pet Brawler 2000+/5000


Toy Box


Newest: Moonfang Shroud


·Mount Count·


Newest: Sunhide Gronnling

Today at 1:54am | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 682 Compare collections | Score: 3494

When I came out of WoW "retirement" in November, I was on the 4th page of Lightbringer collectors.  I wanted so badly to be on the first page... and I made it today!!


A very nice GM gave me the glorious Ruby Droplette today! The Timeless Isle rare drops keep alluding me. I need most of them still.  I will keep plugging away.  Only 5 more uniques until 600 pets... yay.

Today at 12:03am | Lightbringer-US | Pets: 595 Compare collections | Score: 3244

So many pets, so little time...favorite is my Unborn Val'kyr, Valhalla. She kicks booty along with my Pandaren Water Spirit, Drip.  Great team.

Yesterday at 11:12pm | Zul'jin-US | Pets: 620 Compare collections | Score: 3359

Doing the pet dailies on two level 100s daily, trying to get all my pets maxxed using the random stones.

Yesterday at 9:34pm | Whisperwind-US | Pets: 647 Compare collections | Score: 3529

Going to BlizzCon again this year! Can't wait for November!


3 pets away from 700!! :D


Unique Pets

♥ 697


Recent Additions

♥ Sea Calf

♥ Race MiniZep

 Slithershock Elver

Fragment of Anger


Wish List

♥ WoD Pets!!

Stunted Direhorn

Viscous Horror

Yesterday at 7:53pm | Darrowmere-US | Pets: 697 Compare collections | Score: 3792

A very kind Nelf dropped an ogre pinata for me, and I decided to fish for my Tiny Blue Carp until I ran out of bubblegum.  To my surprise, I still had half a stack left when I found it!

Yesterday at 7:52pm | Gilneas-US | Pets: 661 Compare collections | Score: 3411

Finally, I'm a certified Zookeeper and just 9 pets shy for the So.Many.Pets. achievement.


I guess this is my cue to gear up and start hitting those raids and dungeons that drop pets.

Yesterday at 9:42am | Illidan-US | Pets: 591 Compare collections | Score: 3467

Goals for april

468/450 lvl 25 pets

#12/ Rank 14# on dragonblight




Wish list

Ji-Kun Hatchling√  thank you jim

Lil' Leftovers√  thank you jim

Gregarious Grell

Crawling Claw



Raid III 12/12


Sell/swap duplicates

589/645 rares upgrade all pets


*save your pet charms for next patch

Yesterday at 5:52am | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 645 Compare collections | Score: 3743

I got the Everbloom Peachick today, and the first name that came in my mind for him is Kenneth Parcell. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit of a dork. :p


Yesterday at 2:45am | Thorium Brotherhood-US | Pets: 548 Compare collections | Score: 2905

Now I just have to finish leveling my pets up! Getting close!

Yesterday at 12:47am | Deathwing-US | Pets: 702 Compare collections | Score: 4123

Newest member of the brood: 

♥Murkablo! ty ty ty MarkedAngel you super wonderful lady!!♥

Yesterday at 12:05am | Emerald Dream-US | Pets: 702 Compare collections | Score: 4189

I just bought a S/S Gilnean Raven!  25,000g seemed reasonable enough given its rarity.

2 days ago at 11:54pm | Lightbringer-US | Pets: 603 Compare collections | Score: 2790

As of today all my pets are now rare (outside the non-combat ones and duplicates).


Now I just have 324 pets that need upgraded to level 25


*** sigh ***

2 days ago at 11:33pm | Area 52-US | Pets: 621 Compare collections | Score: 3532

Checking this out.

2 days ago at 9:04pm | Dalaran-US | Pets: 145 Compare collections | Score: 696

My Goals:


Stormwing 554/600


Celestial Tourney Pets 1/4


Legendary Pet Battler 3831/5000


Upgrade all pets to Rare 66%


Stone all exclusively Uncommon to Rare (81 remaining + 34 uncollected)


Trunks 13/44




Ancient Nest Guardian 91/225


pebbles 8/10


Wanderer's Festival Hatchling (Mon 1am AST)


Qiraji Guardling (June 21)

2 days ago at 8:29pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 555 Compare collections | Score: 2877

Newest Pets to 25:

Golden Pig thanks to Kit.   


Newest Additions:

Golden Pig, Gold Mini Jouster


Most Wanted:

Through some kind of wonderful, someday I will own Murky & Mini Tyrael.


Current Goals:

All pets to rare quality. Done!

Fished long and hard enough to acquire a Land Shark and Sea Calf for my wife. Done!

Cooked f o r e v e r for Lil' Leftovers. Done!

Level all pets to 25. (601/696)

Acquire Kirin Tor Familiar! 7 of the 8 books -- literally hovering over the spot for the last book.  


Achievement Progress:

Legendary Pet Battler progress: 3654/5000

Draenor Pet Brawler progress: 1651/2000

Kalimdor progress: Acquire the Qiraji Guarding

2 days ago at 7:04pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 677 Compare collections | Score: 4018

¤Currently Working on¤

---Lunkers for coins---125 more to go

Humaniod max Lvl 

Dragonkin Max Lvl

Flying Max Lvl

Undead Max Lvl

Critter Max Lvl

Magic Max Lvl

Elemental Max Lvl

Beast Max Lvl

Aquatic Max Lvl

Mechanical Max Lvl


Recent Pets

Sea Calf


Ore Eater

2 days ago at 6:22pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 676 Compare collections | Score: 3788

Finally managed to snag a Son of Animus off the AH! Collection of MoP raid pets is finally complete :)

2 days ago at 5:57pm | Whisperwind-US | Pets: 645 Compare collections | Score: 3360

Guilty, <3 @ Landro's Lil' XTVicious Grell, and Floating Spellbook !!


Darolyn, thank you pretty lady for my Lil' Leftovers <3

2 days ago at 5:14pm | The Scryers-US | Pets: 538 Compare collections | Score: 2661

Working both Kalimdor, Northrend for missing pets from those areas.... next is Pandaria... and of course, my lower level characters are working their areas as well... have to replace those greens.  The Safari Hat isn't as easy as it reads, especially if you're trying to take as many blues as possible.


I'm getting Great help from new friends here at WCP!!  Thank you everyone!!!

2 days ago at 10:29am | Dalaran-US | Pets: 338 Compare collections | Score: 1830

Hate the pets which drop once in a VERY long time having multiple breeds and then having to wait/hope you get them to drop again for the right breed.


Have K'ute finally.


Still need an Unborn Val'kyr.  Never see one up in any of the spawns.

2 days ago at 4:24am | Zul'jin-US | Pets: 615 Compare collections | Score: 3350

Unique Pets: 667

Total Rares: 708

Total 25s: 205 (doubled since January)

Terenas-US  Back to #10 Yay!


Most Desired:

Son of Animus - Kovok - Fetish Shaman - Crawling Claw - Spineclaw Crab

2 days ago at 2:12am | Terenas-US | Pets: 665 Compare collections | Score: 3671

So... I've been putting it off long enough -- I need to fish up the Draenor Angler achievement. :C


ETA: Was leveling on a lowbie troll in Stranglethorn Vale with my husband when a Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Cage dropped after 10 mobs!!! 


We rolled for it just to be fair, and I won! I still can't believe it dropped. RNG is never that kind to me!


Latest Level 25sDarkmoon ZeppelinSpawn of Onyxia, and Zandalari Kneebiter


Draenor Pet Brawler: 246/2000


Legendary Pet Brawler: 1873/5000

2 days ago at 12:44am | Greymane-US | Pets: 473 Compare collections | Score: 2220

Finally faction transferred a toon over to horde to pick up the horde guild and argent squire pet's im missing for my collection.


Personal note: If your not using the rematch mod for your pets then your doing it wrong imho.


Nat Pagle 1/2

Trunks 4/48


Moonrunner Rank #6


687/713 Unique Pets.

680 Rare Pets

334 Max Level


Most Wanted:


Race Minizep

Darkmoon Rabbit

Deathwatch Hatchling


Hippogryph Hatchling

3 days ago at 10:45pm | Moonrunner-US | Pets: 687 Compare collections | Score: 3796
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