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Dear Darkmoon Rabbit, for years you have been avoiding me. Pls stop. My life is empty without you.

Today at 10:24am | Suramar-US | Pets: 610 Compare collections | Score: 2836

Hello all! My name is Aynis and I have been collecting pets for quite a while now. Recently I've become more serious about collecting and slowly getting all my pets to Rare quality and level 25 :) 

Today at 6:15am | Aggramar-EU | Pets: 640 Compare collections | Score: 3251

10/5/15:  1st week of running new older raids for pets, got 1 from BT & 3 from Sunwell; 0 from Hyjal though...

9/29/15:  I forgot how much of a pain Major Payne can be on somedays...

9/28/15:  My 1st new pet, thanks to Del, the mech scorpid!

9/15/15:  I have returned to the world of WoW.  & am #49 on server but #14k+ overall...



7/13/13:  Retiring from World of Warcraft #1 on server & high #400s overall (hope to see you all again 1 day because it has been so fun collecting & battling)  :)

Yesterday at 6:45pm | Ravencrest-US | Pets: 543 Compare collections | Score: 2999

hello! ~

Yesterday at 5:49pm | Nemesis-US | Pets: 460 Compare collections | Score: 2263

Next EU-region Alliance-faction class is Oct 7th at 20.00 CEST.


Also, check out my interview with Turwinkle on the pet battle classes.


Horde (Americas) classes Sundays at noon PDT in Bilgewater Harbor.

Alliance (EU) classes Wednesdays at 20.00 CEST.

Alliance (Americas) classes are over!


Hi! I'm Pommie! I'm an active role-player. I even do pet battles in character!


I'm also a Professor at the Stormwind University, in the biological sciences deparment where I specialize in—what else—pets!


You can read my 40 page doctoral dissertation on pet battles.



Yesterday at 1:55pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 633 Compare collections | Score: 3398

Currently doing celestial to get the last 3 pets, and need the celestial tamers for longest day. Whilst attempting to level and upgrade all my pets and camping darkmoon rabbit :$

Yesterday at 7:30am | Lightbringer-EU | Pets: 601 Compare collections | Score: 2833

Wow just went through and got 15 pets in 2 days - there were a lot of small things I was missing. Now off to do some farming for the Bronze Whelpling.

Yesterday at 3:21am | Duskwood-US | Pets: 546 Compare collections | Score: 2493

Leveling pets will take forever but it's happening... slowly!

Yesterday at 2:43am | Norgannon-US | Pets: 725 Compare collections | Score: 3960

Looking for help to make a PvP team, or multiple teams. 732 pets, I should be able to make something worthwhile...


Looking for a guild on Deathwing horde or alliance to get the DeathWatch hatchling. PM or email me please. Will pay in gold for use of the guild to obtain this pet.

Yesterday at 12:53am | Deathwing-US | Pets: 732 Compare collections | Score: 3649

Trying to finish the Longest Day

2 days ago at 11:11pm | Nesingwary-US | Pets: 403 Compare collections | Score: 1732

I've started a massive attack with all my alts (12 above 100) against Firelands, ICC, Zul'Gurub, Ulduar and DS to hunt for missing mounts.

Lvl 60 and 70 Dungeons/Raids already done, got all Mounts from those   ^^

2 days ago at 10:39pm | Nathrezim-US | Pets: 710 Compare collections | Score: 4085

My collection isn't updating, Anyone know how to fix this? 

2 days ago at 5:23pm | Khaz Modan-US | Pets: 329 Compare collections | Score: 1429

Working on;

* New 6.22 Pets / Achievements / Mounts / Toys

* Trainer title :c

* Waiting for Hallow's End / Winter Veil

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - ✔387 atm

* Nat Pagle/fishing shack - 0/2 mounts



Most recent pets acquired (725 Unique);

Stout Alemental

* 2/3 Manafiends

Blazing Firehawk - just the Cub to go!

Nethaera's Light - cute candle

Shard of Cyrukh



Latest Mount;

* #293; Deathtusk Felboar - ♥



Happy Hunting & a huge thanks to everyone who's helped me with both my pet and mount collection along the way!

2 days ago at 3:05pm | Draenor-EU | Pets: 725 Compare collections | Score: 4068

I was a big time collector, but not really battler, so I'm coming out of my shell and aiming to finish all the pet battle and collection achievements!! Starting with all the Raiding with Leashes! Just got some Hogs from That's Whack at Darkmoon which was unexpectedly awesome :D Still hoping for the Brewfest Ram to drop!



Latest Pets/Mounts


Hogs, Stout Alemental, Fiendish and Corefire Imps, Menagerie Custodian



Elusive Lil' Game


Critters: Anything in Sunwell apparently



That's a Lot of Pet Food: 282/400


Mount Parade: 158/200

2 days ago at 2:51pm | Hellscream-US | Pets: 282 Compare collections | Score: 1261

Draenor Safari completed

2 days ago at 2:20pm | Zangarmarsh-US | Pets: 480 Compare collections | Score: 2178

So, thanks to last week pet bonus event, my menagerie is now completely levelled and rare quality, and every pet has been named except the ones who have names already (Argi, Lumpy, Hogs etc).  :)


Now I just need to find more pets to add to the collection.  ;)

2 days ago at 7:02am | Terenas-EU | Pets: 713 Compare collections | Score: 4259

If anyone gets this and wants to partner up in Heroes of the Storm for the XP boost, holler! I need Graves!  (Still!)


Other than that, the wind has kind of gone out of my WoW sails...aside from going for 300 mounts and all Level 25 pets (old things I have been doing for years), there's not much else I want or can do at the moment.  Heroic Pugs are largely a disaster, and my guild won't take me on Heroic runs- which they rarely do now anyway save for the Crystalized Fel.





3 days ago at 11:03pm | Ysera-US | Pets: 741 Compare collections | Score: 4225

Still working on up-levelling within realm, but back at work on Monday...things will slow down then lol!!



Just call me 'Zookeeper'!! Tried Felwood at 5:15 this am and caught a Minfernal - all I needed!!!


Timeless Isle is designed to frustrate hunters!!!

3 days ago at 2:18pm | Nordrassil-EU | Pets: 551 Compare collections | Score: 3133

Getting all available pets to level 25 is a chore.  Thankful for the pet event and leveling stones.  Soon, I will be done, at least until they come out with new pets.  :)  

3 days ago at 2:06pm | Azjol-Nerub-US | Pets: 722 Compare collections | Score: 4191

"More than 1 type of Peacock!! I must have them all!" ^_^

4 days ago at 12:58pm | Feathermoon-US | Pets: 468 Compare collections | Score: 2119
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