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Working on;

* Toybox - 108/150 (farming three drops from Rare Elites in Pandaria at the moment & waiting for Winter's Veil)

* Waiting for Grommloc to be awarded & WoD release ♥

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - 267/584

* Saving for 6 x RaF > Warforged Nightmare

* Codes I'm missing for the last remaining pets



Most recent pets acquired;

Widget the Departed & Cursed Birman - long grind on my Mage, and more needed for my Wickerman for the Toybox :<

Sky-Bo - Cost me 4k, I think I got a decent price :3

Iron Starlette - Questing ofc!



Latest Mount;

* #283 (including Alliance); Flametalon of Alysrazor - it finally dropped today when I was on my Mage ♥



Happy Hunting!

Today at 9:29am | Draenor-EU | Pets: 593 Compare collections | Score: 3305

Finally got my shadeling: no competition and scored three uncommons before finding a rare. Spent 2 hours prior trying to find a rare larva. Leveled almost all my level 1 pets to level 5. Blizz is trolling me amirite?

Today at 6:23am | Kirin Tor-US | Pets: 362 Compare collections | Score: 1819

Collection: 589 (unique)

Anxiously awaiting WoD and my Gromloc!


Skywall: #1 (current)

Site: #390 (current) #357 (best)

Today at 4:23am | Skywall-US | Pets: 589 Compare collections | Score: 3513

Slowly starting the pet achivs, collecting, and lvling again. Watch out rankings. I will be slow at ranking up but I will be steady. >:D Im coming for you rank 1! ;D


Update: I just collected my last pet till Mop collectors edition comes out!

Allp ets in game collected

All pets lvl 25

All pets rare

Today at 2:52am | Sargeras-US | Pets: 611 Compare collections | Score: 3645

Done fooling around. Getting back to Pet Hunting!

Yesterday at 8:30am | Tanaris-US | Pets: 531 Compare collections | Score: 2750

Just found my Anubisath Idol.. =)

Yesterday at 4:04am | Aerie Peak-US | Pets: 357 Compare collections | Score: 1581

Got the Amber Direhorn.  No more warbringer farming.  Still farming bones for the white raptor, though.  I'm at over 7k at the moment, so I'm getting close.


No Sky-bo yet.  Still need 4 pets from RAF.


In Progress -

Vitreous Stone Drake: 343 runs


Stats -

Pet count: 601 (#2 Ysera-US)

Pet score: 3382 (#2 Ysera-US)

Mount count: 304 (A + H combined)

Toy count: 111

Title count: 63

Achievement points: 17425


Latest pets:


Widget the Departed

Cursed Birman


Latest Mount(s):

Amber Primal Direhorn

Red Primal Raptor

Jade Primal Direhorn

Green Primal Raptor

Black Primal Raptor

Slate Primal Direhorn


Latest Title(s):

of the Iron Vanguard

Yesterday at 3:14am | Ysera-US | Pets: 601 Compare collections | Score: 3382

Missing dark moon rabbit :( Also need to convert my last 10 uncommon to rare before warlords.. sooooo soon!!! noooo

Yesterday at 3:02am | Ysera-US | Pets: 592 Compare collections | Score: 3385

At long last, Lil' Deathwing becomes my first Lvl 25 pet!  :)


And not 20 minutes later, Dread Hatchling joined him!  Woohoo!


Hot on their heels is the Pandaren Monk to complete the Darkness Team!

Yesterday at 2:27am | Lightbringer-US | Pets: 192 Compare collections | Score: 882

Progress is creeping along !!

Yesterday at 1:54am | Quel'dorei-US | Pets: 348 Compare collections | Score: 1844
I finally have a Soul-Trader Beacon and now I have to repay the loan /sigh.



Finally, Mojo has come to live with good ole G! A special Thanks to a good friend for helping me farm for this lil guy.






Still hoping for a "pet perfection" achieve where you have collected every possible pet in the game(excluding TCG or "event" pets)
2 days ago at 10:54pm | Khadgar-US | Pets: 337 Compare collections | Score: 1473 you get credit for having collectted a pet (toward the achievement) if you had it then sold it?

2 days ago at 9:14pm | Exodar-US | Pets: 444 Compare collections | Score: 2074

I'm so happy right now! I just got the Tuskarr Kite for a great price on the Auction House and tomorrow I'm going to level it to 25! I'm super excited!



Also working on getting the Crawling Claw, but no luck so far. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, digging around Pandaria...

2 days ago at 8:42pm | The Maelstrom-EU | Pets: 531 Compare collections | Score: 2493

Unique Pets: 588

Level 25 Pets: 530


Highest Ranking on Silvermoon (US): 4

Highest Ranking on WCP: 481


Current Goal:  Level all Flying pets to Level 25

Latest Achievement: Leveled all Elemental pets to Level 25

Families Completed (Leveling): Mechanical, Dragonkin, Undead, Humanoid, Aquatic, Magic


Latest Acquisitions: Bronze Whelpling, Widget the Departed, Cursed Birman

Latest Level 25 Pets:  Silithid Hatchling, Smolderweb Hatchling, Tiny Shale Spider, Ruby Sapling, Singing Cricket, Grinder, Forest Moth, Lava Crab, Skittering Cavern Crawler, Snowy Panda, Sapphire Cub


Wish List: Pre-Wrath CE Pets, Blizzcon Pets, Darkmoon Rabbit, Sky-Bo


Visit the Catch That Pet thread for leveling motivation!

2 days ago at 7:43pm | Silvermoon-US | Pets: 588 Compare collections | Score: 3499

Now that the Hatchling rush is over, we're opening up the WarcraftPets family of guilds to people looking for a casual, pet collecting experience for Warlords of Draenor.  We have five guilds on US-Madoran Horde side, tied together with an addon so you don't miss any good chat!


Blizzcon is fast approaching!  If you're going this year we'd love to see you at our meet up!  More details closer to the event!


Almost five years I've been volunteering for this site, and I've never regretted a moment!


You guys rock! This website rocks, and I'm glad I can donate my time to helping the site and the community.

2 days ago at 6:14pm | Madoran-US | Pets: 612 Compare collections | Score: 3651

@ Wakamaru: Grats on getting your entire collection leveled and stoned! You worked your tush off! You're mah hero! :3


Remember: server resets are your best friend when looking for that pesky, elusive spawn! And Terrible Turnips are invaluable for the collector for their Weakening Blow ability - always use this guy when attempting to cage that wanted pet to avoid killing it! Save yourself the frustration and level up a Turnip! They're not that terrible! [forced laughter] O.o

2 days ago at 4:04pm | Dawnbringer-US | Pets: 559 Compare collections | Score: 3015

This week:


* Hubby farmed me a Bronze Whelpling! Yay! 

* My engineer has now made both the Pierre & Rascalbot. 

* Broke down and bought my Gu'chi Swarmling for 1k on the AH. 

2 days ago at 1:36pm | Moonrunner-US | Pets: 521 Compare collections | Score: 2783

Finally a 25!!

2 days ago at 10:11am | Stormrage-US | Pets: 394 Compare collections | Score: 1722

Got some new pets to level.


...I've picked up 28 29 of the Iron Starlettes so far.  My next goal is to get my dwarf hunter to 90 so I can get another one.  My next goal is to get my space goat death knight (currently at 85) to 90 so I can get another one (or at least see if I can do that before the event ends).  I will be selling my extras after the pre-launch event has ended and they are no longer available.


Wanted pets:

Stunted Direhorn - 65/250 Lvl 25 PvP pet battles

RL $$ Pets - Bleah!

2 days ago at 5:07am | Feathermoon-US | Pets: 592 Compare collections | Score: 3530

Trying to get a pet that Mercatia does not have yet.

3 days ago at 8:17pm | Hydraxis-US | Pets: 555 Compare collections | Score: 2763

The Tiny Red Carp is finally mine!  Plus the new Hallow's End kitties.  Excellent!  

3 days ago at 7:34pm | Emerald Dream-US | Pets: 534 Compare collections | Score: 3024

Currently working on upgrading to rare and leveling my collection as well as picking up pets missing along the way! 


Happy Battling!


Latest Achievement:

World Safari



Latest Pet Additions:


3 days ago at 5:16pm | Shadowsong-US | Pets: 561 Compare collections | Score: 2981

Still need what feels like a million pet stones though (it's only 20) :(  I hate beasts and critters with what is becoming an unholy passion.  On the good side, a friend (sup Cass_icecrown!) had an extra Vengeful Porcupette and he kindly shared with me :).  One less grind for me to do!

3 days ago at 3:52pm | Icecrown-US | Pets: 601 Compare collections | Score: 3556

trying to play "catch them all!"

3 days ago at 2:58pm | Thrall-US | Pets: 289 Compare collections | Score: 1275

Stopped by a Highland Mixed School before hitting Sethekk Halls and Mr.Pinchy finally revealed himself to me and granted me a wish I've waited long for... my very own Magical Crawdad.

3 days ago at 10:37am | Turalyon-US | Pets: 463 Compare collections | Score: 2135
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