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-- Still looking for guild who got access to Deathwatch Hatchling on either Dragonblight A/H or Kazzak H --


♥Recent additions

713. Cinder Pup

712. Savage Cub

711. Left Shark

710. Zangar Spore

709. Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

708. Ghostshell Crab - renamed it Ghostcrawler.


√Todo List:

Trunks 44/44

Celestials Tournament 4/4

Darkmoon Faire Pets 13/16

Nat Pagle 1/2

Fel-Touched bag 2/4 - 90 bags opened.



All pets rare quality

All pets max level

Draenor Pet Brawler 709/2000

Legendary Pet Brawler 2438/5000


Wish List♦


Corrupted Nest Guardian

Darkmoon Rabbit

Today at 7:13am | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 712 Compare collections | Score: 3702

Woo Arctic Fox kit and baby ape within twenty mins of each other. Today was a good day!

Today at 4:25am | Silvermoon-EU | Pets: 584 Compare collections | Score: 2839

5 Newest acquisitions (from newest to oldest):


1. Sunfur Panda (Beasts of Fable quest reward bag)

2. Firefly (drop - Zangarmarsh)

3. Sapphire Firefly (uncommon - upgraded to rare; near Pinchwhistle Gearworks)

4. Crimsonwing Moth (common - upgraded to rare; easy catch right by the frst place I looked, the Retribution Point FP)

5. Hogs (DMF achievement)


Right now, I'm leveling up 1-4 pets per day (usually 2 or 3) using a combination of a set Master Trainer routine/route (1-25 in about 15-20 minutes) and leveling stones from Kura.  Sometimes I get extra lucky and the class-specific leveling stone from Serr'ah are enough to push a pet over to 25 and I get one extra that day.


Current goal is to eventually have all pets at 25/rare.

Today at 2:47am | Black Dragonflight-US | Pets: 660 Compare collections | Score: 3407

Personal note: If your not using the rematch mod for your pets then your doing it wrong imho.


Moonrunner Rank #1



Unique Pets: 727

Trunks: 41/44

Legendary Pet Battler: 4490/5000

Brutal Pet Brawler: 127/250


Most Wanted:


Stunted Direhorn

Today at 1:43am | Moonrunner-US | Pets: 727 Compare collections | Score: 4346

Thank you to my dear friends whom have given me so many rare pets as gifts <3


5 Latest pets captured:

RARE Tainted Cockroach

RARE Nether Faerie Dragon

RARE Horny Toad

RARE Coral Snake

RARE Venomspitter Hatchling


5 Latest Pets to 25:

Clockwork Rocket Bot


Wild Crimson Hatchling


Twilight Wasp


Working on getting all pets to rare quality and then leveling them (light help me)

Latest Achievement:

Eastern Kingdoms Safari (all pets captured at RARE quality)

Yesterday at 11:10pm | Draenor-US | Pets: 647 Compare collections | Score: 3504

Leveling Horde to get the three Horde Guild pets.


Thanks to my friend I got my Unborn Valk, FINALLY!

Yesterday at 7:58pm | Echo Isles-US | Pets: 730 Compare collections | Score: 4110

Pet #666: Crawling Claw

Yesterday at 2:44pm | Blackhand-EU | Pets: 666 Compare collections | Score: 3376

I am away at a conference, but will have a substitute for August 6's class.


Nice job on the Pet Battle Midterm Exam.



Also, check out my interview with Turwinkle on the pet battle classes.


We'll be having classes every Thursday at 4pm (pacific) in Darnassus. I play on Wyrmrest Accord (Americas) realm, so if you want to come, add me as a battle-tag friend and I'll invite you over.


Hi! I'm Pommie! I'm an active role-player. I even do pet battles in character!


I'm also a Professor at the Stormwind University, in the biological sciences deparment where I specialize in—what else—pets!


You can read my 40 page doctoral dissertation on pet battles.



Yesterday at 1:35pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 633 Compare collections | Score: 3398


Latest to rare:

Lastest to max level:

Newley Acquired: Treasure Goblin, Baneling, Dread Raven, Mini Thor

Wants: Minfernal, Snowey Owl, Droplet of Y'shaarj, Nightsabre Cub, and Landro's Lil' XT

Total Count: 684/752


Todo list:

Celestials: 0/4

Darkmmon Faire: 17/19

Fel-touched bag: 4/4


Achievement Progress:

Collect: 20/24

Battle: 11/17

Level: 15/15


Current Standings:

Uncommon: 53/684

Rare: 631/684

Max Level: 280/684


Current Goals

Maxing out pet levels and changing everyone to rare quality.

Yesterday at 2:31am | Exodar-US | Pets: 684 Compare collections | Score: 3728

Broke the magic 700 unique pets! 20pts onsite away from breaking 4k... working hard despite connectionissues!

2 days ago at 11:42pm | Kael'thas-US | Pets: 700 Compare collections | Score: 3980

I hardcored Draenor pet battles today because Blizzard CS told me that was what was stopping me from earning Master Builder. That wasn't the case (as I had pointed out to them).


In the process, I maxed the Nexus WhelplingFel PupChrominius, and Darkmoon Tonk. I was starting on my Gilnean Raven and Lil' Ragnaros next while upgrading the menagerie to level 3.


With nothing else to really do in Warlords, I'll probably get back into pet battles and collecting.

2 days ago at 9:52pm | Turalyon-US | Pets: 562 Compare collections | Score: 2786

'All lvl 25'

Now farming AH for no ingame pets...


Most wanted : the Nightmare Bell (200+ fights againts Fel legendaries and... nothing but spores, spores, spores...)


Collect : 40/40 - all done

Battle : 28/29 - Legendary Pet Brawler 3300 / 5000

Level : 15/15 - all done

Wishing... a Pet Battle Championship :-)

2 days ago at 7:27pm | Hyjal-EU | Pets: 682 Compare collections | Score: 4078

Back after a long hiatus.


Working on all rares/all 25s

status: way out

2 days ago at 6:54pm | Tortheldrin-US | Pets: 676 Compare collections | Score: 3431

Thinking about either getting Argi or Cinder Kitten.... Somebody help?


Just got Unborn Val'kyr !! Took a mintue for me to find one. :)


☆ Goal: Reach 400 pets 

♥Happy Hunting♥

2 days ago at 6:49pm | Arygos-US | Pets: 284 Compare collections | Score: 1241


2 days ago at 2:39pm | Ragnaros-US | Pets: 523 Compare collections | Score: 2660

Currently farming the Raiding with Leashes pets.

2 days ago at 12:43pm | Stormreaver-US | Pets: 335 Compare collections | Score: 1480

Wish List

Eye of Observation

Moon Moon



♥Recent additions

661. Left Shark

662. Crimsonwing Moth

663. Sapphire Firefly


√Todo List:

Celestials Tournament 3/4

Darkmoon Faire Pets 15/19

Nat Pagle 0/2




All pets rare quality 650+

All pets max level 550+

Draenor Pet Brawler 1700+



Toy Box


Newest: ... Contender's Costume


·Mount Count·


Awake the Drakes: 8/9


Newest: Wild Goretusk

2 days ago at 11:36am | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 663 Compare collections | Score: 3943

With WoD coming to a close (kinda) I had to step up my collecting game. So I got the Horde pets done with an alt and the annoying Trade Post rep ones as well with some help from the Dungeon Event. All that's left now is some Tanaan rewards (after I get my flying back) and some randoms like the cooking pet and the UBRS pet.


Still on the wishlist: Crawling Claw (why do you still elude meeeee!), various ToT/SoO pets and that bloody TI crab!

2 days ago at 9:25am | Argent Dawn-EU | Pets: 685 Compare collections | Score: 3432

108/250 Brutal Pet Brawler - a truly brutal grind


Finished leveling and collecting almost every new pet in WoD, including the 6.2 additions.

Just waiting on Brewfest for the last new pet from Warlords!

2 days ago at 5:58am | Laughing Skull-US | Pets: 730 Compare collections | Score: 4364

Yay! I've reached lvl 20 in Heroes of the Storm and I'm having a ton of fun playing it with my friends. I've always had a deep-rooted hatred for all things moba, but this one seems alright. Best of all I got my shiny Graves pet to boot! 


Latest Pets:


Corrupted Nest Guardian

Lost Netherpup

Bone Wasp


Latest Mounts:

Ironside Warwolf

Soaring Skyterror

Tundra Icehoof


Working On:

Mountacular: 245/250

Fishing for Lunkers: 161/200

Celestial Coins: 4/12


Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

2 days ago at 5:13am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 673 Compare collections | Score: 3477

I hope you all are having as much fun as I am collecting WoW pets. Peace

2 days ago at 12:47am | Nazgrel-US | Pets: 727 Compare collections | Score: 4344

I believe that days when the Deebs team is in my garrison, it should be a pet collectors holiday!  I can't help but spend the entire day there.  Although, I feel that soon I will have no more pets to level. 

3 days ago at 10:51pm | Fenris-US | Pets: 666 Compare collections | Score: 3855

Unique Pet: 689 at Max Level: 149

Realm Rank Runetotem-EU  #15 -  Pets wanted: 37 of 724


Nat Pagle: 1/2 [collected: 37 Nat's Lucky Coin]


Working on:

- Graves

- Order of the Awakened & Saberstalkers Reputations: 0/2

- Collect pets from Legendary Pet Supplies: 3/4



- Draenor Pet Brawler: 383/2.000

- Legendary Pet Battler: 3.461/5.000

- Tiny Terrors in Tanaan - 15/15



Crawling Claw

Darkmoon Rabbit 

Most recent pets acquired:

Land Shark; Periwinkle Calf; Bloodbeak; Spineclaw Crab;

3 days ago at 6:40pm | Runetotem-EU | Pets: 689 Compare collections | Score: 3602

Se você precisar de ajuda sobre Batalha de Mascotes PvP, pode me procurar na Aliança do Goldrinn-US

Lista de coisas a fazer:

• Treinar todos os meus pets pro lvl 25 - Concluído

• Que todos os meus pets sejam de qualidade Rara - Concluído

• Atiçador de Mascotes Lendário - 1123/5000

• Atiçador de mascotes Letal - Concluído

3 days ago at 11:08am | Goldrinn-US | Pets: 717 Compare collections | Score: 4287

Thanks to Insane Pain Game for gifting me the Cinder Pup today since I still haven't seen the mission.


Some new info on the 3 new pets coming in Parch 6.2.1.


All Tiny Terror strats are up on the blog and on youtube.


Blog | Twitter | Youtube | NPC

3 days ago at 8:16am | Dath'Remar-US | Pets: 726 Compare collections | Score: 4340
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