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Username: Xella  
Character: Basanti (A)
Realm & Rank: Grizzly Hills-US (#2)
Pets Collected: 583/604
Pets Rated: 1/617 — Appearance
1/605 — Battle
Joined: September 26, 2008
Last Online: 2 days ago
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Xella Says: 

I picked up an H/H Scourged Whelpling the other day (I had a P/S one stoned + at 25).  Finished leveling it last night and abandoned the old one.  I've "lost" pets at 25 before but that's because they were cageable and went to good homes (or to my guild leader :P) but this is the first time I've released a wild pet I've gone through the trouble of leveling.  Feels weird, man!  I'm drowning in undead stones (on seperate servers so I can't even trade them in til 5.4.2 :T) so it's okay.


If anyone has US Alliance PvE/RP server recs, I'd love to hear them—I gotta get off this PvP server, stat! (preferably something just out of range of potential CRing, as CR has just been a giant nightmare for me :T)

Posted Nov 25, 2013 at 4:45pm

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About Xella:

Howdy! My name's Xella, and I am insane. I'm the webmonkey for my guild, Draconic Savant of Bleeding Hollow-US (PvP, alliance) though I'm currently on a raiding hiatus and have been focusing on alts and pet battles instead of progression content.


My primary obsession in-game comes with my professions—or, more specifically, my enchanting. Very closely following that is a profound love of the Shirt slot on my character sheet; shirts are the most underutilized and unloved option of customization in the game, but a good shirt can make a world of difference in the right outfit! ;P

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