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Username: Vegi Top Rater  
Character: Vegi (A)
Realm & Rank: Sylvanas-EU (#5)
Pets Collected: 604/608
Pets Rated: 0/623 — Appearance
0/611 — Battle
Joined: January 24, 2008
Last Online: 6 days ago
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About Vegi:

I'm the huntress Vegi from Sylvanas EU (originally from Steamwheedle Cartel). Pet collecting isn't my reason why I play WoW (raiding ^_^) but it's a very fun and relaxing aspect of the game.


I also collect mounts, but only casually, not so crazy about mounts like about pets :)

My mount collection: WarcraftMounts


In progress:

Doing 12 battle pet dailies each day to get stones and upgrade non-wild pets.


Dreaming about:

Mini Tyrael. I can't afford him and I don't know if I EVER will. I won't even mention Murky, Gurky or the original CE pets. If you have those codes, I would love to pay some/loads RL money/WoW gold (on EU server). Just send me a message!


Waiting for:

Summer season for Quiraji Guardling, SC2 expansion premiere for Baneling (I want to get a boxed CE :). And 5.2 of course!


What more I can say... I mostly cherish many pets (random order):

1) Crocos. Before croco-rate-boosting patch I got 3 of them! Then I got missing Muckbreath one day after this patch :) My lucky BF was lucky enough to get me 3, I fished up only 1 myself :P

2) Magical Crawdad, because of MANY hours spent fishing (I needed to fish THREE Mr. Pinchies to get it! This is madness!) and tons of gold I made by selling Furious Crawdads ;)

3) I upgraded my TBC account to Collector's Edition... And got Lurky - it's SO sweet! I'm in love with him~!

4) All which I got from my boyfriend, but especially two: Dragon Kite, which I got as a Christmas present and Emerald Whelphing, which was farmed for me (haha, he was pretending to work).

5) Giant Sewer Rat - I thought it will be a normal pet, with nothing special. But... He is just adorable! Huge, JUMPING instead of running and sniffing around... I spent some time on fishing but it paid out :)

6) Ethereal Soul-Trader - the most expensive TCG pet I bought. I managed to get him after checking Polish auction site for almost a year. *happy*

7) Battle murlocs! Murkimus the Gladiator is for sure the most adorable murloc ever. But Grunty is veeery close :)

8) Ultra-cute raptors ^_^ I loved them all before I even touched one. Don't even know which is my favourite.

9) Spectral Tiger Cub - got it from my BF as an early Xmas 2009 present. Absolutely adorable, my most favourite pet of ALL TIME <3

10) Celestial Dragon - my favourite pet of 4.2 patch, cute and sparkly!

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