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Username: Tiggindy Site MVP  
Character: Tiggindy (A)
Realm & Rank: Lothar-US (#13)
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Joined: December 19, 2007
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Tiggindy Says: 

Ran heroic 25 for all 3 raids once, and normal 10 for all 3 raids on a different toon. 



The result is that I went 1 for 17 with pets on both. 



The really annoying thing?  The 1 was the same for both toons.  I've got 2 Snaplashers, and none of the other pets. 

Posted 2 days ago at 8:12pm

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About Tiggindy:

My priorities in the game are as follows:

1. Collect pets

2. Level pets (including quality upgrades if necessary)

3. Everything else


The story of my obsession:

I got my first pet the day I started WoW, the the Bombay cat, and it was just too great!  I didn't have enough bag space to buy them all, so I contented myself with the one to start. 


Soon after that I saw the panda cub, and was disappointed to learn that it was CE only.  I decided I wanted as many pets as I could get anyway.  I spent a lot of time on info sites looking up pets.  The whelplings were as cute as the panda, and I could get them. (Yay!)  I leveled from 23 to 41 (with little rest XP) while hunting the 3 different whelplings. 


When I started an alt I didn't want to be without a whelpling, so I camped another set, and did it again for every alt I made.


By the time vanilla ended, I had 10 alliance toons on 2 accounts, each with all 3 whelplings, plus an assortment of other pets (each toon had 1 pack devoted to just pets for everyday, plus bunches more in the bank), plus a set of whelplings waiting for the new draenei after BC was released.


The announcement of the pet tab at the end of BC sent me into a frenzy, I went around and made sure I had all the vendor pets, plus as many other pets as I could lay my hands on for every toon on both accounts.  Of course,  I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of which toons had what pets.


At some point I purchased the WoW laptop (a couple days after they'd been discontinued), so I got my original CE pets that way.  Hooray Panda!


Before MoP dropped, I peaked at 2112 pets spread across 18 toons (that's an average of over 117 per toon).  Pre-MoP I simply deleted all the common/vendor pets from my journal.  When MoP dropped, I caged and listed around 750 rare(-ish) pets on the AH, which made me fairly rich.


Of course, with account wide pets, pet leveling and quality upgrades, my obsession stepped up a notch.  I spent the first few months collecting, leveling and upgrading all my pets.  I just did the pet dailies, and some regular pet battles each day.  I didn't raid, run dungeons or even level alts unless basically forced to.


I hope to one day win the lottery so I can afford to buy Murky from ebay so I can have a truly complete collection. 

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