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Username: Thatshot Site MVP  
Character: Thatshot (A)
Realm & Rank: Stormrage-US (#994)
Pets Collected: 271/598
Pets Rated: 0/623 — Appearance
0/611 — Battle
Joined: June 05, 2008
Last Online: October 09, 2012
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About Thatshot:

My Collection
All of these pets reside on my Stormrage(A) main toon. We started a pirate club in our guild to support our Bloodsail alts. We also have a pet collector's club in our guild - Drunken Parrot.

Most Favorite: Greenwinged Macaw - it has to be my favorite pet because I own one IRL - her name is Tiki.
Most Proud of: Magical Crawdad - I had to fish up Mr. Pinchy 3 times and finally got the crawdad on the second wish of my third pinchy!!
Most Desired (if it wasn't impossible): Gurky

Biggest Regret
I am still kicking myself to this day to giving a couple of my TCG pets to an alt before pets were spells!!! I hope Blizz changes the rules on these at some point :(

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