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Username: Taleranor  
Character: Taleranor (A)
Realm & Rank: Kirin Tor-US (#7)
Pets Collected: 624/675
Pets Rated: 0/704 — Appearance
0/692 — Battle
Joined: October 16, 2008
Last Online: Yesterday
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Taleranor Says: 

If I have one archenemy in this game, it is Jeremy Feasel. I have fought him 5-7 times a month ever since he first showed up, and he still has yet to give me the Darkmoon Eye. I have tried threats, bribes, blackmail, and intimidated. I have rained hellfire upon him, threatened to cut his throat, and healped many a curse upon him. Day after day, the cry rings out, "DAMN YOU, FEASEL!" as he refuses to gives me what I want. Day after day, I win my fights, and am rewarded with pet snacks, Darkmoon tickets, and junk... but no Darkmoon Eye. 


I fear our dance of death will carry on into the next expansion, and I find that intolerable. He is a jerk. And I will destroy him.

Posted Oct 6, 2014 at 4:56pm

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About Taleranor:

I'm an avid pet collector and an insane (but not Insane) druid, prone to obsessive rampages through the flora and fauna of Azeroth. My guild knows me as the resident achievement nutjob and weirdo tree, but as long as I show up to raid relatively sober and wearing pants, they don't care.

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