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Username: Shotsy Top Rater  
Character: Shotsy (H)
Realm & Rank: Area 52-US (#23)
Pets Collected: 622/671
Pets Rated: 0/705 — Appearance
0/693 — Battle
Joined: August 05, 2008
Last Online: December 07, 2014
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Shotsy Says: 

My Murkalot and Alterac Brew Pup have been missing for days. UNREAL. What are they doing? No response from GM's. First they screwed me out of heart shaped loot boxes from the last event by stealing them out of my bag the second the event ended (which they would not resolve).. and now they are taking pets I PAID for. Wow.. yes WOW, just wow. Who is managing this company? It will be a COLD DAY in Molten Core before I ever buy another pet or Blizzcon ticket again. #fedup

Posted Mar 5, 2014 at 4:08am

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About Shotsy:

I collected pets on five toons prior to the new pet battle system making everything account-wide (3 of which had the 150 pet achievement.) I started collecting in 2006 when I unknowingly looted my first one... the Black Tabby. It dropped off a mob in Silverpine Forest when I was leveling my first toon, Shotsy. That was WAAAY back when, when we pet collectors never had any bag space, as they weren't incorporated into the UI yet. My bags were always full, only for guildies to reply.. "well if you would just ditch all those stupid pets you carry around with you!!" I guess some people just never got it. ;)

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