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Username: SammyJoe Top Rater  
Character: Samj (H)
Realm & Rank: Gorefiend-US (#41)
Pets Collected: 378/616
Pets Rated: 623/623 — Appearance
0/611 — Battle
Joined: January 29, 2008
Last Online: 2 days ago
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SammyJoe Says: 

Is anyone aware of an issue with the auto-grab for the collection upate to the site? I've had my head under a rock for some time now, came back, got at least 30 new pets, and the site definitely doesn't show that happening. Heh.


Working On

Legendary Staff [6/25]


Currently Farming


-- Kalimdor [??/??]

Sea Turtle [0/960 fish]

Posted Sep 1, 2014 at 2:05am

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About SammyJoe:

My name is SamJ of Gorefiend-US server: Undead Mage. :)


I have been collecting since my first Wood Frog back in March of '07. Everyone called me a "nut" for having collected close to 74 pets before they didn't take up bag space anymore, and would alwayshave an 18 slot bag full of my favorites on me at all times.


Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of my collection, and I received my skunk during the first few hours after 3.0, and Bambi the second I could log on after 3.0.8. :)

- I'm also over 100 pets as of 05/14/09

- 150 pets as of 12/25/10! :)

- Woot!!! 200 pets as of 06/12/12! :D

- 250 on 10/03/12 :)


Interesting pet stories:

Jubling - I was no more than a level 44 (cap was 60), and I just HAD to get my very own Jubling. I had help farming for the Ale, but then realized that the month's Darkmoon was going to be in Elwynn. I went anyway, and didn't get ganked until afterI received my egg! 5 days later, my very own Jubling!!!


Sporebat - The first pet I had to grind out. I was more of a "scan the AH for deals" type of collector (like my Dark Whelp for 2g or my Hyacinthfor 120g). I wasn't even a 70, and I hit exalted to get this guy. :)


Hippogryph- My very first eBay purchase ever was $28 for this little guy. I love him to pieces!


My 4 Crocs - I was actually able to get THREEof them all within the first two or three weeks since the daily originally came out. I farmed that daily and the cooking daily every day. After LK came out, however, I only came back to do crocs in the city, and it took me about 2 mo's after LK to get my last one.


Magical Crawdad- I caught my first Mr. Pinchy off pure luck, though none of the wishes did it for me. :( I gave up a little after that, and it wasn't until I received my Giant Sewer Rat, did I try again, and when I caught him, I got the Crawdad on my very first wish!


Razzashi Hatchling - I had ended up purchasing all the other raptors, but never saw this one on the AH. Then one day, I was in ZG farming for Powerful Mojo, and I thought I might as well just try for the pet. On my second run, I got him! :D


Panda, Diablo & Zergling - Best Birthday present EVER!!!! 10/22/12! :D

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