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Username: Rhett  
Character: Rhétt (H)
Realm & Rank: Draenor-EU (#198)
Pets Collected: 545/664
Pets Rated: 1/704 — Appearance
0/692 — Battle
Joined: August 31, 2011
Last Online: June 20, 2014
Community: Comments (9)
Forum Posts (14)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Rhett

Rhett Says: 

Hurried up to log and collect my Qiraji Guardling, fearing competition. None. Got my Zookeeper! *prances around and tosses flowers*


Not to mention my little Blossoming Anciet has now gone Summer mode looking all cute and majestic in his sunbeam.




Looking For:


Any pet I don't yet have :P

Posted Jun 20, 2014 at 7:41pm

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Draenor-EU  #198
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About Rhett:

Hiyo, Rhétt - the adorable, well padded bellied, annoying when it comes to talking about pets to people who don't collect - shaman Pandaran here!

I enjoy my pet collecting - and credit a lot of my pets to my boyfriend, gifting me several I'd not have been able to obtain otherwise and just generally feeding my obsession! Also credit to some nice players who've helped as well.

I've only been around since Wrath so I lost out on some amazing pets.


I prefer obtaining pets the intended ways of farming and such, but if there's one that's out of range for one reason or another, no harm in buying! (Or of course if there's one at a great price!)



Pets I'd Love To Have But Most Likely Never Will:

♦ Grunty - The Holy Grail of pets AND murloc in my book!

♦ Vanilla > Wrath CE pets

♦ Various older, and more expensive, TCG pets


Pets I'm Currently Trying To Farm/Obtain:

♦ A lot :D

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