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Username: MorseAmalgam Top Rater  
Character: Katecia (A)
Realm & Rank: Wyrmrest Accord-US (#17)
Pets Collected: 576/597
Pets Rated: 170/617 — Appearance
164/605 — Battle
Joined: June 11, 2011
Last Online: Today
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MorseAmalgam Says: 

My heart lept into my throat today. 3AM in the morning, had just logged off to get ready for bed - Undermine Journal notification. Spectral Tiger Cub. 45k. I didn't even wait to try to log back on, and frantically bought it through the armory auctionhouse.


Ran around leveling it up off Pandaria trainers, got three battle-stones before my experience biscuit wore off. I still have two trainers and the beasts of fable left to do today. Regardless, this has been a good day.

Posted Today at 7:52am

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About MorseAmalgam:

Been collecting pets since Vanilla. Back then, due to pets taking up bag slots, I only carried one of each type of pet with me, but I had a full bag of pets on my person at any time. Now, I've got enough to build a small zoo out on a Nagrand floating island somewhere...


Current goals:

All non-battle pets to rare quality (Missing... Like 60)

All Pandaria battle pets to rare quality (Missing Sifang Otter Pup (You jerk!))

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