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Username: Melmo Site MVP  
Character: Hotkimchee (A)
Realm & Rank: Khaz'goroth-US (#5)
Pets Collected: 656/685
Pets Rated: 678/705 — Appearance
97/693 — Battle
Joined: May 24, 2012
Last Online: Today
Community: Comments (30)
Forum Posts (331)
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Melmo Says: 

Uh-oh!! I was #1 on my realm for a year and I got lazy leveling my pets and I have been surpassed! Congrats to Kiriana, she/he has worked hard and rose through the ranks all year! Watch out though, I will try to reclaim my spot. Someday ;)


Pet #600 = Widget the Departed! ^_^

Posted Oct 20, 2014 at 2:12am

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About Melmo:

I started playing WoW in July 2010 with my boyfriend Craigert and although I started late (and missed out on Blizz Bear, Onyxia, Mr. Chilly, etc.) I am still really proud of my pet collection ^_^


I also have an excellent trading reputation; here are some members I've traded with for reference:


Zoreia                      •Moneypenny

Nymphis                   •Kandace

Marcinrogue              •Pompea

Dasaq                       •Jimbodan              

Unf                           •Mystical

Alfonzzo                    •Raven01000

Executey                   •Adecesar

Muud                        •Sergio82

Eatdawg                    •Luxxy

Orionslaver                •Tria

Vale                          •Rakeling

Gengiskaan                •Gruhm

Nelbla                        •Surreal

Gomalus                    •Smokes

Wulfo                         •Zfossan69

Yamum                      •Gammstein

Karawaka                   •Siegurd333

Annys                        •Demiano

Eirny                         •Swaps

Koori                         •Dreadhunger

Bellstarz                    •Pinrut

Lith                           •Sweetdr0ps

Aiyunachan                •Feliciamarie

Navi                           •Jeslena

Zrye                           •Rhaellia

Littlething                   •Abizzmyl

Skye                          •Angelwings626

Kiella                         •Shoclate

Sakurae                     •Kpb321

Moonie1                     •Faelar

Presto                        •Sibi



I love mounts also, my collection is here:

...and always hoping to add more! :)


That Awful, Daunting Task:

Stunted Direhorn = 21/250

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