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Username: LSW Top Rater  
Character: Adwae (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-US (#5)
Pets Collected: 724/745
Pets Rated: 705/766 — Appearance
1/750 — Battle
Joined: October 28, 2008
Last Online: April 29, 2016
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LSW Says: 

So... after some thinking on training stones, I suppose its not so bad after all, especially if you are power leveling your pets. I am curious about the Albino Chimaeraling coming up as poor quality, but other collectors seem to have the same problem. Not going to use a stone on him, especially since he is P/P breed. So here is hoping a fix is put into place, but in the mean time have filed a bug report.


Not looking forward to Raiding w/ Leashes 3. I have run sunwell and hyjal sooooo many times that I am rather tired of seeing those places. I have my legendary from SW and the Summit run is ... tedious. I hope and pray they have 'fixed' the rp-ness of the phase transitions. 

Posted Jan 13, 2015 at 9:23am

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About LSW:

~ Noteworthy News Activity ~

~ December 15th, 2014 to January 13th, 2015 ~


See my Post for available Trades.


Carps; Broke down and bought the Blue but I did managed to finally catch the Red. Celestials are still on a back burner, although I really should not be putting them off. Just so little time and soo much to do with Draenor and Garrisons.


Oddly I have had a pleathora of beast stones drop lately. Critters and Flyers are still about the same drop rate for me. I only have one each stashed away. However I did go and do some stone trading for Marked Flawless Battle-Stones with the multitudes of Magic and Undead stones I had.


~ Battle Activity ~

Pro Pet Mob : Completed

Rookie Pet Mob : Completed

Raiding with Leashes I : Completed

Raiding with Leashes II : Completed

Raiding with Leashes III : (not started)

Timeless Isle : Missing Jadefire Spirit

Celestial Pets : 0

Draenic Pet Battler : Complete

Draenor Safari : Complete

So. Many. Pets. : Complete


~ Recent Collection Additions ~

Puddle Terror

Sun Sproutling

Sunfire Kalari



Ghastly Kid

Servant of Demidos

Pygmy Cow

Red Carp

Albino Chimaeraling

Living Fluid

Ethereal Soul Trader

Blue Carp


Stones Collected from Bag Rewards: 

Battle Stones to date : 251

Training Stones to date: 40

Pet Charms to date: 356

Stones to Trade: 

 --- Marked Flawless (x5)

 --- Aquatic (x2)

 --- Beast (x5)

 --- Critter (x1)

 --- Dragonkin (x2)

 --- Elemental (x2)

 --- Flying (x1)

 --- Humanoid (x2)

 --- Magic (x3)

 --- Mechanical (x2)

 --- Undead (x3)


~ WoW Progress Statistics ~

Still in top ten on realm even after a years absence.

Current Pet Score : 30890.26


PRE 2014

world: 1200 (hunter: 168)

US:  455 (hunter: 59)

realm: 3 (hunter: 2) (horde 2)

Pet Score: 26138.29


~ My Mount Collection ~

Adwae's Mount Collection

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