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Username: Jean Site MVP  
Character: Yooralla (A)
Realm & Rank: Dragonblight-EU (#19)
Pets Collected: 735/749
Pets Rated: 188/766 — Appearance
183/750 — Battle
Joined: August 10, 2008
Last Online: 6 days ago
Community: Comments (2)
Forum Posts (2)
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Jean Says: 

♥August 10, 2016. I celebrate 8 years as a MVP Member on this site!




Darkmoon Rabbit

Hatespark the Tiny


♥Recent Additions

736. Nursery Spider

735. Deathwatch Hatchling - Thanks to Flx


√Todo List:

Level a bunch of pets.

Grand Master/Deadly Pet Brawler: 280/1000

Draenor Pet Brawler: 1378/2000





Remember to Share



Wish List♦

Nibbles - Legion DD.

BMAH: Thundering Serpent Hatchling

TCG: Tuskarr Kite, Ethereal Soul-Trader, Nightsaber Cub,

Rocket Chicken, Spectral Tiger Cub.

RaF: Golden Pig, Silver Pig, Zipao Tiger, Jade Tiger.

Posted 6 days ago at 5:56am

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About Jean:

Quirky Girl living in Australia *oi m8*, originally from Scandinavia *Skål!*, or *Skull-lelelee* like the english pronounce it.


Recently got married, or like my highschools friends would say it *knocked up*. Ok! Stop right there, I know what you are thinking. Don't worry! I'm in my mid 20s not late teens. Anyway..


Than all the questions comes up, how come you now live 2 601.68118 miles south from the equator and not 3 835.72437 miles north of the equator.

Well, short story I went on three months holiday to Australia and I fell in Love with my Mr.

but that doesn't really count because I knew him beforehand. ssh! lets tell no one.


Back to why I'm on

- Been here the last 8 years, and supported since MVP status *lifts eyebrows up and down rapidly*

- Fanatic Pet Collector, like I deleted all my T3 in start of TBC so I could have space for all my pets in my bank- thats me.

- Pet club of being always infront of collection achievements = Come on Blizzard step up your game!

- Filthy LFR Casual, after 9 years of Raidleading - I quit!

- Also owner of Mounts and Toys, you know if it was RL and you had to fit all your pets, mounts and toys in your room, and basically the door would explode.

- Always have ideas of doing guides or a blog for more quirky chattering or help others out with all the Stuuuuuff!



xoxo Jean!

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