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Username: Gwenn Site MVP  
Character: Gwènn (H)
Realm & Rank: Magtheridon-EU (#41)
Pets Collected: 633/683
Pets Rated: 0/724 — Appearance
0/710 — Battle
Joined: December 28, 2008
Last Online: Yesterday
Community: Comments (3)
Forum Posts (42)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Gwenn

Gwenn Says: 

*Sigh* Fishing for lunkers is taking forever, even with the upped droprate.


A friend of mine found Pathrunner today and waited until I got there to kill her and we found Silthide as well plus I hit exalted with Steamweedle, so I was able to buy their mount. 3 in a day, not too shabby.


Latest Pets:

Land Shark

Sun Sproutling

Albino River Calf

Forest Sproutling


Latest Mounts:

Swift Breezestrider

Sapphire Riverbeast

Domesticated Razorback


Working On:

Mountacular: 229/250

Fishing for Lunkers: 57/200


Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

Posted Yesterday at 5:49am

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About Gwenn:

I'm Gwenn of the EU-Magtheridon Server. I started collecting pets when I first got the Siamese Cat from Cookie in Deadmines at lvl 17.


It has become more and more of an obsession, escalating ever since I didn't have to carry them around anymore. :)



My favourite pet is and has always been the Sprite Darter Hatchling, even though the Phoenix from MgT is a close second because it's so beautiful.

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