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Username: Diva  
Character: Karmä (A)
Realm & Rank: Undermine-US (#7)
Pets Collected: 676/727
Pets Rated: 0/749 — Appearance
0/734 — Battle
Joined: August 13, 2008
Last Online: April 14, 2015
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Forum Posts (51)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Diva

Diva Says: 

@ Everyone. Matron Karmä is BACK! After a 7 month hiatus, I'm back in action. Grinding my soul away on the timeless isle! OH MY GOD there is a LOT to catch up on! Raiding with leashes 2, the celestial tournament stuff, getting my pets to rares and up to 25 still, the rares and battle pets from timeless isle and from thundering isle(I think it's call that?)! GAH! Lol. :) Thankfully, a friend of mine had like 30 macabres and gave me one. <3 Along with 3 other new pets. Love him to death. :)


In other news, Blizzcon was awesome!


Current Conquest-in-Progress:

Timeless Isles Rares

Thundering Isles

Raiding With Leashes 2

Celestial Tournament

Leveling all pets to Rare and 25(wooooweeeee!)


Newest Addition:

Moon Moon

Posted Nov 10, 2013 at 10:19am

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About Diva:

I am a woman, and mainly play my toon Karmä on Undermine, but recently I spend quite a bit of time on my toon Doomcookie on Madoran as well.

If you'd like to chat, set up runs, trade, or just whatever you can think of to find me for, look me up on Karmä-Alliance-Undermine or Doomcookie-Horde-Madoran. =]

Thanks for looking & reading, and i'll update as needed. <3

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