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Username: Daned Site MVP  
Character: Daned (A)
Realm & Rank: Feathermoon-US (#6)
Pets Collected: 717/742
Pets Rated: 0/752 — Appearance
0/736 — Battle
Joined: July 28, 2008
Last Online: 3 days ago
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Daned Says: 

In one of my luckiest days on record I saw snows in Northrend and obtained an Arctic Fox Kit.  I did catch-and-release until I found a rare.  I then teleported to Tanaris on a whim and it was a sandstorm.  The first I'd ever seen.  I went over and sure enough there was a Silithid Hatchling.  The first I tried to catch was a rare.  Why is it that I had such astounding fortune yet feel so empty inside?

Posted Jan 15, 2015 at 11:51am

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About Daned:

I have collected pets off and on since the release of WoW. It wasn't until they were turned into spells that I was able to free up my inventory and become an obsessive collector.

Since then I have put in countless hours and too much real money to collect these lil' guys. The only pet I missed the boat on is Murky. I didn't get one back when I had the chance and I won't pay for one now. As such I've settled for an incomplete collection.

My favorite pets are the Rocket Chicken due to its emotes, the Ethereal Soul Trader because of its appearance and because it sells items, and the Panda Cub because it was my first pet ever.

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