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Username: Aeonesti Site MVP  
Character: Aeonesti (H)
Realm & Rank: Icecrown-US (#28)
Pets Collected: 556/600
Pets Rated: 10/617 — Appearance
1/605 — Battle
Joined: August 13, 2008
Last Online: 5 days ago
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Forum Posts (15)
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Aeonesti Says: 

If you haven't seen this week's Dark Legacy, you should!

I think my pets are conspiring to murder my turnip in his sleep, he brings all he rare pets to the yard :)

Posted Feb 2, 2014 at 11:22pm

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About Aeonesti:

I used to be a serious collector. I've hunted all the TCG pets off e-Bay, though without winning the lottery, I will never see a Murky or Mini-Tyrel. I farmed almost every BoE pet in game (though I did get a couple off the AH when the price was too good to pass up). I dropped herbalism twice to get the engineering pets (and I am glad I didn't have to do it again in Cata for the new pets). I participated in the 2009 Arena Tournament to get Murkimus (200 matches, in the snow, uphill both ways), I have Alliance buddies to swap pets with when faction specific ones are released. (Thanks Intereo and Koori), I picked up an authenticator for the pet (and I SUPPOSE for security as well), and I plan to keep attending Blizzcons or buying the Internet Stream for pets. I have a Starcraft2 and Diablo3 CE on the shelf alongside my Warcraft CEs and I have also bought every pet from the pet store that Blizzard has released.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to get into pet battling so my collection is falling farther and farther behind.  Maybe someday...

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