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Username: Xella  
Character: Basanti (A)
Realm & Rank: Korgath-US (#12)
Pets Collected: 715/742
Pets Rated: 1/756 — Appearance
1/740 — Battle
Joined: September 26, 2008
Last Online: September 28, 2015
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Xella Says: 

Now officially past 450 level 25s.  Seems insane but that still means I've got like... 250+ to go, haha D:


I kind of wish I had something to go on for choosing which pets to level next.  I used to participate in the "level that pet" posts on the official forums, but tbh other people arbitrarily choosing what I level ends up being identical to me arbitrarily choosing, except I have to wait for them to reply :P


I'm also not using a lot of the pets that hit cap, either because I don't realize how to use them, or because they're identical to other pets I'm already using.  I hope the pets in Legion are super varied!

Posted Aug 26, 2015 at 6:31am

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About Xella:

Howdy! My name's Xella, and I am insane. I'm the webmonkey for my guild, Draconic Savant of Korgath-US (PvP, alliance), and play a Survival Beast Mastery hunter there (RIP, Survival.  You were my favourite spec and now you're AWFUL and with no bright future on your horizon :\).


I'm often called the crazy shirt lady because while some people are into collecting mounts or pets or tabards—and I suppose I do all those things to on some level—my game is shirts.  I own at least one copy of every shirt that has ever been available on live servers (except the one from Gunship in ICC because you can't leave the zone with that one :T), though my collection has by necessity been spread across several characters due to main changes over the years.  I feel that while shirts are the most underutilized and unloved option of customization in the game, a good shirt can make a world of difference in the right outfit! ;P

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