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Username: Wakamaru Site MVP  
Character: Hellcatt (A)
Realm & Rank: Skywall-US (#2)
Pets Collected: 744/744
Pets Rated: 660/765 — Appearance
47/749 — Battle
Joined: July 07, 2013
Last Online: May 19, 2016
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Wakamaru Says: 

Collection: 728 unique

Newest Pets

Blazing Firehawk - Thanks @Ladorna!

Shard of Cyrukh - Thanks @Ladorna!

If you enjoy collecting pets or helping others collect pets you should check out the Azeroth Adoption Agency!

Twitter: @TamerWakamaru & @A3pets

Posted Jul 15, 2015 at 1:34am

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About Wakamaru:

Hello everyone!  

I have been a pet collector since the early days of Vanilla-WoW when I came accross a Hyacinth Macaw and fell in love.  I'm so thrilled to see that WoW has taken the pet collecting to a more interactive level!

Pet Milestones

[07.08.13] Earned the Raiding with Leashes achievement and Mr.Biggelsworth.

[09.15.13] Earned the That's a Lot of Pet Food achievement and Venus.

[11.15.13] Earned the Time to Open a Pet Store achievement and Jade Tentacle.

[12.20.13] Earned the World Safari achievement and "Zookeeper" title.

[11.25.13] Earned the Crazy for Cats and "Crazy Cat Lady" title.

[12.22.13] Earned the Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition achievement and Tito.

[11.25.13] Earned the Crazy for Cats achievement and "the Crazy Cat Lady" title.

[12.26.13] Earned the Taming Azeroth achievement and "Tamer" title.

[01.20.14] Earned the Pro Pet Mob achievement and Singing Cricket.

[02.09.14] Earned The Celestial Tournament achievement.

[02.18.14] Earned the Master of Masters achievement.

[03.08.14] All pets captured as and/or upgraded to rare quality.

[04.08.14] Earned the Celestial Family achievement.

[07.11.14] Earned the Legendary Pet Battler achievement.

[08.30.14] Earned the Brutal Pet Brawler achievement and Stunted Direhorn.

[09.04.14] Purchased BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket.

[10.01.14] First made it into the Top 500 Collections on Warcraft Pets.

[10.15.14] First earned the 'Pet Hound' title on Warcraft Pets.

[10.20.14] Reach a score of 3500 on Warcraft Pets.

[10.24.14] Raised all pets to level 25.

[10.24.14] Reached #1 for the server Skywall.

[11.01.14] Received my Grommloc!

[11.13.14] Earned the So. Many. Pets. achievement.

[11.14.14] Earned the Draenor Safari achievement. With mostly rare quality pets!

[11.27.14] Earned the Draenic Pet Battler achievement.

[12.01.14] Earned the Pet Charmer achievement.

[12.09.14] Earned the An Awfully Big Adventure achievement.

[12.25.14] Collected the last of the 4 RAF pets!

[12.27.14] Acquired Treasure Goblin.

[12.27.14] Crossed the 4000 point milemarker on WCPets!

[12.28.14] Acquired Lil' Deathwing. Thanks Rusti!

[12.30.14] Acquired Zergling. Thanks Ladorna!

[02.24.15] Earned the Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin' From the Sunwell achievement and K'ute

My Forum Threads

Trade Thread (US): HERE 

Leveling Service (US): HERE - Not Available

Take Care!


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