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Username: Wakamaru Top Rater  
Character: Hellcatt (A)
Realm & Rank: Skywall-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 645/671
Pets Rated: 613/704 — Appearance
45/692 — Battle
Joined: July 07, 2013
Last Online: Today
Community: Comments (17)
Forum Posts (387)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Wakamaru

Wakamaru Says: 

Collection: 645 (unique), All rare quality, All level 25!

Newest Pets

Bush Chicken

Nightshade Sproutling

Servant of Demidos

Working On

- Pet Charmer 336/500

- Draenic Pet Battler 325/500

- Pet Menagerie 2/3

- Elekk Plushie 44/50 Hexweave Cloth


Albino River CalfBone WaspCrazy CarrotDraenei Micro DefenderEye of ObservationForest SproutlingOre EaterSky FrySon of Sethe 


Hoping some good pet karma comes back to me from all of the free leveling and pets I've given away to folks!  Come on drop rates!

(US) Trade List: Here  Updated: 11.25.14


Skywall: #1 (current)

Site: #71/#5 (current/best)

Posted Yesterday at 5:08pm

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About Wakamaru:

Hello everyone!  

I have been a pet collector since the early days of Vanilla-WoW when I came accross a Hyacinth Macaw and fell in love.  I'm so thrilled to see that WoW has taken the pet collecting in a new, more exciting direction and has actually given us a way to better exercise our love of all things critter!

Pet Milestones

[07.08.2013] Earned the Raiding with Leashes achievement and Mr.Biggelsworth.

[09.15.2013] Earned the That's a Lot of Pet Food achievement and Venus.

[11.15.2013] Earned the Time to Open a Pet Store achievement and Jade Tentacle.

[12.20.2013] Earned the World Safari achievement and "Zookeeper" title.

[11.25.2013] Earned the Crazy for Cats and "Crazy Cat Lady" title.

[12.22.2013] Earned the Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition achievement and Tito.

[11.25.2013] Earned the Crazy for Cats achievement and "the Crazy Cat Lady" title.

[12.26.2013] Earned the Taming Azeroth achievement and "Tamer" title.

[01.20.2014] Earned the Pro Pet Mob achievement and Singing Cricket.

[02.09.2014] Earned The Celestial Tournament achievement.

[02.18.2014] Earned the Master of Masters achievement.

[03.08.2014] All pets captured as and/or upgraded to rare quality.

[04.08.2014] Earned the Celestial Family achievement.

[07.11.2014] Earned the Legendary Pet Battler achievement.

[08.30.2014] Earned the Brutal Pet Brawler achievement and Stunted Direhorn.

[09.04.2014] Purchased BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket.

[10.01.2014] First made it into the Top 500 Collections on Warcraft Pets.

[10.15.2014] First earned the 'Pet Hound' title on Warcraft Pets.

[10.20.2014] Reach a score of 3500 on Warcraft Pets.

[10.24.2014] Raised all pets to level 25.

[10.24.2014] Reached #357 on Warcraft Pets. (my highest site rank)

[10.24.2014] Reached #1 for the server Skywall.

[11.01.2014] Received my Grommloc!  Leveled to 25.

[11.13.2014] Reached #27 on Warcraft Pets. (It won't last - but I'll take it! /screenshot)

[11.13.2014] Earned the So. Many. Pets. achievement.

[11.14.2014] Earned the Draenor Safari achievement. With mostly rare quality pets!

My Forum Threads

Trade Thread (US): HERE 

Leveling Service (US): HERE (currenly closed) 

LF Leveling Service (US): HERE (closed)


Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Give me a shout and lets talk pets :P PM through the website or Btag works well for me: Wakamaru#1375


Take Care!


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