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Username: Thralkhar  
Character: Thralkar (A)
Realm & Rank: Moon Guard-US (#10)
Pets Collected: 616/652
Pets Rated: 0/704 — Appearance
0/692 — Battle
Joined: December 08, 2013
Last Online: Today
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Thralkhar Says: 

Finally hit 3500 for my pet score, 51 more pets to stone, 2444 more pet levels to go till 100% Rare Lvl 25 for my uniques. 306 Rares in my leveling queue w/ 17 being the lowest level, aside from my horde only Moonkin who is at 12 (I will get you to 17 tonight little fella, Gargara needs a visit still today).


I figure I need 41 more days since my leveling is slowing down some. Call it March 1st just as an attempt to push myself a teensy bit.


I try and limit myself to 1.5 hours/day of leveling. 1 Hour buffed starting at Achendoun, hearth to garrison, -> Ashlei, -> Vashaar, hearth to Golden Lantern: Panda Circuit (no BoF) end at Wispering, then if everything has gone perfectly I have 8 minutes left to dash to Nagrand.

Posted 6 days ago at 3:44pm

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About Thralkhar:

I am one of the many disabled WoW gamers and pet collectors. Back in the old days (BC) on the Venture Co, I decided to try and do every quest. That lead me to that ever so long Sprite Darter Hatchling (Named Alan after a friend of mine) quest chain, several Mechanical Chickens, and more Westfall Chickens than I could count. Roll in poor Timmy and his allergic guardians for a White kitten and I was hooked.


Most of my guildmates are gone these days, but I remember them through my pets. There is Stickers the Crow, Luperca the Wolf, Shim the Tree, Cissette the Cat, Nannette the Shadow, Kurond engineer, Sajuk the Imp, Blueberry the Space Goat and Beck Anub Idol.


Pet leveling and collecting keeps me enguaged these days, and more importantly distracted. In WoW I can set aside the pain for a while and at least feel like I am making a difference again.


Also, props to the folks at WoWLazyMacros who contact me in game to debug their scripts.


3344/3918 = 85.35% of my maximum pet score. I think I am averaging a 7 point per day increase, if I maintain that rate I will cap out in 82 more days. Now I know I cannot do that as there are some pets more than 82 days out (it is January and there is a new Brewfest pet for example) but we shall see. If I add no pets to my stable, my max pet score tops out at 3600 which is 256 points / (37 days) away. 

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