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Username: Taleranor  
Character: Taleranor (A)
Realm & Rank: Kirin Tor-US (#3)
Pets Collected: 692/698
Pets Rated: 0/722 — Appearance
0/709 — Battle
Joined: October 16, 2008
Last Online: Yesterday
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Taleranor Says: 

Currently engaged in an aggressive attempt to level the last of my pets to 25, preferably before any -more- come out.

At this time, I'm almost done with the more exotic familes (save for my Horde Moonkin in Humanoid and K'ute in Magic) and must finish off Flying, Critter, Beast and Aquatic. 

At approximately 150 to go, at 5-7 a day (Menagerie + Erris + 4 Draenor trainers + the Pandaria circuit + Bordin Steadyfist + Pet Biscuits), that's about a month. Assuming I can't make good use of Squirt...

My wife thinks I'm nuts for continually adjusting my daily plan for better efficiency. We'll see who has the last laugh....

Posted Mar 19, 2015 at 9:18pm

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About Taleranor:

I'm an avid pet collector and an insane (but not Insane) druid, prone to obsessive rampages through the flora and fauna of Azeroth. My guild knows me as the resident achievement nutjob and weirdo tree, but as long as I show up to raid relatively sober and wearing pants, they don't care.

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