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Username: Sound Top Rater  
Character: Sound (H)
Realm & Rank: Silver Hand-US (#11)
Pets Collected: 683/687
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Joined: February 05, 2011
Last Online: 3 days ago
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Sound Says: 

I was slacking for the first bit after WoD started, but I've finally got back into the pet battle hunt and leveling game! Good luck to you all, and happy hunting! :)

Posted Jan 2, 2015 at 12:49am

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About Sound:

I started playing WoW in December of 2005. From the beggining, I loved pets.  I don't quite remember which one was my first, but it was hard to find me out in the World of Warcraft without a companion by my side. 


Pets got more serious for me numbers-wise when the achievement "Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart" was released at the beggining of Wrath. Oh, how I coveted Stinker! He (she?) went with me everywhere for a LONG time.


Without there yet being an achievment at that point for 100 pets, I thought I'd stop collecting then... but I couldn't have been more wrong. Addicted I became to going to the ends of Azeroth (and sometimes eBay!) to track down more companions to add to my beautiful menagerie. 


Fast forward to many years later and here we stand. :)


In terms of Pet Battles, I purposely held off quite awhile after MoP to start them. The amount of effort, competition and time that I felt was required to go into them was overwhelming because I tend to be a little OCD about things. However, in April of 2013 (seven'ish months after release) I finally caved. Let's just say that it didn't take me long to get hooked!


So, while that means I'm a ways behind in leveling and collecting stones.. I'm trucking on and happily so! With a supportive guild who's always eager to hear stories of my companion collecting shenanigans, I'm in a great spot. 


And that's my story. :)


(p.s. If you're curious why I've chosen the Blossoming Ancient as my profile picture, I am an avid fan of trees... IRL and in-game. Druid here, Resto4Life!)

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