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Username: Shaytan Site MVP  
Character: Tyráel (H)
Realm & Rank: Deathwing-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 754/754
Pets Rated: 0/766 — Appearance
0/750 — Battle
Joined: February 04, 2009
Last Online: Yesterday
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Forum Posts (80)
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Shaytan Says: 

Can't wait to see what Legion has in store...


754 pets, all lvl 25, all rare...

Posted 3 days ago at 4:00am

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About Shaytan:


Everyone in game calls me Shay (or Chef Shay)



Early 30's



Yeah... About that...





About Me:

Not a whole lot to tell, I have 3 children....


I've been playing WoW off and on since Classic Beta. I served 5 years on Active Duty in the USMC, 2 years of it was deployed to Iraq under OEF, OIF:1, and OIF:2. I as a Computer Engineer for 14 years before following my dreams and becoming a Chef.


I'm a Gamer and a Nerd and proud of it.


About my pet collection:

I've been collecting pets for a longtime, I remember back in classic having so many I would have to choose which ones to sell or discard to make room in my bank for gear from Raiding and PvP. I'm only sad that I missed out on the random chance pet from Alterac Valley (I PvP'd just never got lucky with the pet) and the Vampiric Battling due to my clan being past Karazhan raid wise and we didn't do that raid anymore.


While collecting all the battlepets once MoP was released, I refused to collect greys, whites, or greens... So it took a significant amount of time to catch all of the pets in rare form, I've completed my wanted list and have leveled all of them to 25.



If you need anything or want to ask me anything, feel free to ask. I'm always up for a chat.



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