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Username: Saasan Top Rater  
Character: Dredreanna (H)
Realm & Rank: Thrall-US (#19)
Pets Collected: 579/587
Pets Rated: 615/617 — Appearance
227/605 — Battle
Joined: March 28, 2013
Last Online: Yesterday
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Forum Posts (119)
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Saasan Says: 

I am nearly out of WoW debt--a mere 8k to go! 


I have broken the 300-pets-left-to-level mark.  So now I only need to level 299 pets.  *sobs quietly in the corner*  I'm not going to make it by WoD; it's just too painful to grind that.  However, since there is the "Fight 1000 Battles in Draenor" achieve, I figure that will take care of a good chunk of leveling. 

Posted Yesterday at 1:54pm

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About Saasan:

Hello, all!  My name is Saasan and I've been playing WoW since the end of BC, but I didn't really get serious until Cata and didn't get pet-crazy until MoP.  Behold my lists!



- 0.75/4 Brawler's Guild (bleeah)

- 20/250 Stunted Direhorn


Pets to Level, Needed/Completed (duplicates)

- Aquatic 35/27 (1)

- Beast 110/18 (1)

- Critter 98/8

- Dragonkin 0/24

- Elemental 0/53 (1)

- Flying 53/20 (2)

- Humanoid 0/28

- Magic 0/32

- Mechanical 0/33

- Undead 0/24

Total: 299/259(5)


To Purchase (estimated gold)

- Droplet of Y'shaarj (20k)

- Hippogryph Hatchling (35k)

- Tuskarr Kite (55k)

- Dragon Kite (25k)

- Spectral Tiger Cub (85k)

- Ethereal Soul Trader (100k)

Total: 25k  (Making such progress!!  19k in debt to the hubby right now, but fingers are crossed that I can pay that back and get the Dragon Kite before WoD.  It's farming time!)

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