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Username: Rhett  
Character: Rhett (H)
Realm & Rank: Quel'Thalas-EU (#38)
Pets Collected: 528/578
Pets Rated: 0/617 — Appearance
0/605 — Battle
Joined: August 31, 2011
Last Online: Today
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Rhett Says: 

Been AFK from WoW for a year. SO many new pets to collect. *love*

Many thanks, as always, to my boyfriend for helping me to collect and for giving up any he doesn't want. *love love*


Newest pets.. the billion different moths around Timeless Isle. Can't wait for Raiding With Leashes II!




Random Question: Why was the murloc voice changed..?

Posted Apr 8, 2014 at 6:01pm

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About Rhett:

Hiyo, Rhett - the adorable, well padded bellied, annoying when it comes to talking about pets to people who don't collect - shaman Pandaran here!

I enjoy my pet collecting - and credit a lot of my pets to my boyfriend, gifting me several I'd not have been able to obtain otherwise. Also credit to some nice guildies who've helped as well.

I've only been around since Wrath so I lost out on some amazing pets.

Do I consider Breed/Rarity? No, not really. I level pets to 25 so I can do pet battle quests and dailies, but I don't PVP. Keep this in mind if we're discussing a trade. Though as I understand it, this now effects my rank on WCP. Oh well. I'm in it for pets, not rank. :)

Do I sell any pets in my collection? Nope. I sell/trade duplicates, but nothing in my collection is for sale/trade.



Pets I'd Love To Have But Most Likely Never Will:

♦ Grunty - The Holy Grail of pets AND murloc in my book!

♦ Vanilla > Wrath CE pets

♦ Various older, and more expensive, TCG pets


Pets I'm Currently Trying To Farm/Obtain:

♦ Landro's Lil XT

♦ Landro's Lichling

♦ Eye of the Legion

♦ Gusting Grimoire

♦ The many new pets as of 5.2 patch! :D

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