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Username: Poxxy Top Rater  
Character: Poxxy (H)
Realm & Rank: Moon Guard-US (#13)
Pets Collected: 637/688
Pets Rated: 705/704 — Appearance
693/692 — Battle
Joined: August 11, 2013
Last Online: January 13, 2015
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Poxxy Says: 

Finally upgraded all of my pets to rare! Casually levelling the rest of my pets to level 25, now! Also trying to pick up the last couple of pets I need. Now that I don't focus on pet dailies as much, I can spend time doing other things in-game and completing things I've been meaning to. :)

Posted Jul 19, 2014 at 2:22pm

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About Poxxy:

My name is Poxxy ♥ nice to meet you! I am addicted to pet collecting. :3 I've been playing World of Warcraft since January 2012. I play a Blood Elf Beast Mastery Hunter on Moon Guard. 21 year old female from Canada. 


My main battle pet priorities are working on getting every pet that's obtainable in game, upgrading all of my pets to rare quality and levelling them all to level 25. I aim to try and complete all the Beast of Fable dailies, the Pandaria Tamer dailies and the other tamer dailies scattered across Azeroth each day. n_n 


I've finally levelled a complete team to take on the Celestial Tournament! I'm still working on upgrading a few pets, acquiring the last couple of pets I need for my collection and levelling them all up to 25.


Feel free to chat any time ♥


My 25 Favourite Pets (Appearance)

-Dread Hatchling 

-Celestial Dragon

-Unborn Val'kyr

-Ruby Droplet

-Spectral Tiger Cub

-Mr. Bigglesworth

-Zipao Tiger

-Wind Rider Cub

-Moonkin Hatchling

-Mana Wyrmling

-Sea Pony

-Kirin Tor Familiar

-Lesser Voidcaller

-Sprite Darter Hatchling

-Cinder Kitten


-Aqua Strider

-Harpy Youngling

-Fluxfire Feline

-Pandaren Air Spirit


My 15 Favourite Pets (Battle) 

-Twilight Spider

-Fel Flame

-Anubisath Idol

-Dread Hatchling

-Stitched Pup

-Menagerie Custodian

-Alpine Foxling Kit


-Sea Gull

-Scourged Whelpling

-Shore Crab


-Lofty Libram

-Aqua Strider


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