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Username: Peanutty  
Character: Pnutbuttrcup (H)
Realm & Rank: Kil'jaeden-US (#3)
Pets Collected: 675/692
Pets Rated: 0/722 — Appearance
0/709 — Battle
Joined: May 04, 2011
Last Online: 2 days ago
Community: Comments (5)
Forum Posts (772)
Messaging: Disabled Disabled by Peanutty

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About Peanutty:

Wild caught pets: Complete!  All known unique skin colors and sizes covered, all rare, all max level.


Non-wild/vendor pets: Working on 6.1 pets.  Pre 6.1 pets are all rare, all max level* (* excluding pets that cannot battle)


I'm also a mount collector!  My collection at Warcraft Mounts, now at 260+ mounts.




Here's just a few of my successful trades - feel free to browse through my forum posts for my full trade history.  I haven't had a bad trade yet (thanks to all the wonderful members here!) and look forward to doing more in the future!


Pet trades:

- Gilnean Raven for Landro's Lil XT

- Dragon Kite & gold for Viscous Horror

- Darkmoon Rabbit for assorted pets


Stone trades:

- multiple trades, stones for assorted pets

- stones for game time

- stones for Landro's Lil XT

- stones for assorted pets

- stones for Porcupette

- stones for Gusting Grimoire

- stones for other stones

- more stones for other stones


Blizz store, code, misc trades:

- Darkmoon Rabbit & Tuskarr Kite for bnet balance

- Hippogryph Hatchling & gold for bnet balance

- gold for CM carry

- multiple trades, gold for bnet balance

- stones for gifted Iron Skyreaver

- Rocket Chicken for Murkalot code

- pets & gold for Windrider Cub code

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