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Username: Nagini Top Rater  
Character: Nagini (A)
Realm & Rank: Kael'thas-US (#10)
Pets Collected: 719/721
Pets Rated: 673/766 — Appearance
659/750 — Battle
Joined: January 27, 2013
Last Online: Today
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Forum Posts (55)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Nagini

Nagini Says: 

I already miss the old bunny model T^T what is this abomination

Posted Jul 20, 2016 at 7:48am

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About Nagini:


I just love collecting stuff and filling in lists. While my true passion is achievement points, I've always kept an eye out for mounts and pets as well, as they tend to go hand in hand. With the addition of pet achievements, ofcourse, i've really been going all out to try and get all the little buggers!


I'm active on the servers Kael'thas (A and H US-PvE) Wyrmrestaccord (H and A US-RP) and Silver Hand (A US-RP), and always looking for cheap or leveled pets. Also love to talk collecting and battling, so if you're feeling bored, hit me up!


Currently: Came back from almost a years worth of absence, so much collecting to do! mostly still focussing on petPvP (ugh) but some cute new additions to my collection. I'm apologizing in advance for using graves in my team  T^T  1000 wins broke me. 


Pet achievements left:

-Brutal/Deadly pet Brawler: the major payne of pet pvp achieves. 

-Grand master pet brawler: win 1000 pvp battles (at 600ish, not worked on this in a while)


Mounts: 306 Alliance, 356 total. 

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