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Username: Melabrin Top Rater  
Character: Melabrin (H)
Realm & Rank: Cenarion Circle-US (#18)
Pets Collected: 645/681
Pets Rated: 0/705 — Appearance
0/693 — Battle
Joined: January 02, 2008
Last Online: 3 days ago
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Melabrin Says: 

My 4TH BLIZZCON was probably my best ever. Meeting up with guildies, the 360 blizzcam, and of course Metallica were my favorite parts! Deadmau5 next year? One can only hope. Also super psyched for Goblins vs Gnomes!


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Posted Nov 9, 2014 at 10:15pm

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About Melabrin:

8/28/12: Account-wide went Live = 154 Mounts, 190 unique Pets
7/11/12: #188 Lil'Tarecgosa
6/3/12: Darkmoon Tonk
5/15/12: Fetish Shaman
5/7/12: Darkmoon Zeppelin
4/12/12: Soul of the Aspects
3/13/12: Purple Puffer
3/10/12: Darkmoon Balloon
3/4/12: Darkmoon Cub
2/25/12: 3 TCG pets
1/22/12: Lunar Festival Lanterns
1/1/12: Darkmoon Monkey
12/30/11: Lumpy on the 16th day of Winter Veil!
12/13/11: Hyacinth Macaw
12/8/11: Darkmoon Turtle
12/4/11: ~700 catches for the Sea Pony.
8/9/11: Searing Scorchling in 6th cache.
5/28/11: Fox Kit after 1500+ loots!
1/16/11: My sweetheart got me Lil' Ragnaros and Wind Rider Cub for Xmas, and I found Jadefang all alone!
11/24/10: Collected all 3 of the new pets! About a dozen stashes for Mr. Grubbs.
2/8/10: In love with my new little Toxic Wasteling, and I was happy to finally nab Peddlefeet!
1/30/10: After numerous runs through MgT, I finally got Phoenix Hatchling on my first run with my good luck charm. :) He got his on the very next run!
Ravasaur Matriarch was waiting for me when I logged in at Un'goro. :) 1 raptor left.
11/13/09: Friday the 13th was lucky for me, as I finally got Strand Crawler!
10/16/09: Made 100 pets thanks to Giant Sewer Rat after 1k+ catches!

My proudest pet achievement has to be the Magical Crawdad. I caught 3 Mr. Pinchy's before my wish was granted back in BC!

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