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Username: Melabrin Top Rater  
Character: Melabrin (H)
Realm & Rank: Cenarion Circle-US (#11)
Pets Collected: 785/838
Pets Rated: 0/861 — Appearance
0/844 — Battle
Joined: January 02, 2008
Last Online: September 14, 2016
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Melabrin Says: 

Going to my 5th BLIZZCON!!


Still chugging along. Taking my time with this expac.

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Posted Apr 18, 2015 at 1:10pm

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About Melabrin:

8/28/12: Account-wide went Live = 154 Mounts, 190 unique Pets
7/11/12: #188 Lil'Tarecgosa
6/3/12: Darkmoon Tonk
5/15/12: Fetish Shaman
5/7/12: Darkmoon Zeppelin
4/12/12: Soul of the Aspects
3/13/12: Purple Puffer
3/10/12: Darkmoon Balloon
3/4/12: Darkmoon Cub
2/25/12: 3 TCG pets
1/22/12: Lunar Festival Lanterns
1/1/12: Darkmoon Monkey
12/30/11: Lumpy on the 16th day of Winter Veil!
12/13/11: Hyacinth Macaw
12/8/11: Darkmoon Turtle
12/4/11: ~700 catches for the Sea Pony.
8/9/11: Searing Scorchling in 6th cache.
5/28/11: Fox Kit after 1500+ loots!
1/16/11: My sweetheart got me Lil' Ragnaros and Wind Rider Cub for Xmas, and I found Jadefang all alone!
11/24/10: Collected all 3 of the new pets! About a dozen stashes for Mr. Grubbs.
2/8/10: In love with my new little Toxic Wasteling, and I was happy to finally nab Peddlefeet!
1/30/10: After numerous runs through MgT, I finally got Phoenix Hatchling on my first run with my good luck charm. :) He got his on the very next run!
Ravasaur Matriarch was waiting for me when I logged in at Un'goro. :) 1 raptor left.
11/13/09: Friday the 13th was lucky for me, as I finally got Strand Crawler!
10/16/09: Made 100 pets thanks to Giant Sewer Rat after 1k+ catches!

My proudest pet achievement has to be the Magical Crawdad. I caught 3 Mr. Pinchy's before my wish was granted back in BC!

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