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Username: Lurie Site MVP  
Character: Lurie (H)
Realm & Rank: Silver Hand-US (#119)
Pets Collected: 163/839
Pets Rated: 0/884 — Appearance
0/867 — Battle
Joined: January 23, 2008
Last Online: August 06, 2012
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Lurie Says: 

Another day, another bunch of interesting content to explore and play with...

...Death Knights are certainly a great deal of fun to play (though not as fun as certain, Tauren shaman ;D). I've found I'm still desperately trying to experience everything the expansion has to offer. When the Burning Crusade came out, I had all but burned through everything in a month. Blizzard has certainly outdone themselves this time around.

Feel free to express your opinions on this. Who else feels that they still have a lot to do? If so, what's next? Most importantly... and have you had fun so far?
Posted Feb 7, 2009 at 12:36am

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About Lurie:

Real Life: My name is Tucker. I live in the Sacramento Valley of California.

Hobbies: I sing and write (and I'd like to believe I do both at an above-average level!).

Favorite Books: Ender's Game, Scepticism Inc. (the title does, in fact, spell "skepticism" with a "c"), and Watership Down.

World of Warcraft: I am a Role-Player, and when I make a character, it's always because I have a story in mind. They aren't all at a high level (but none below 25), but here are all of my characters:

Server: Silver Hand

- Lurie (Aka Lurie S Elcari, second-to-last survivor of the Ghostwaker Tribe, Ironsinger and Lorekeeper of the Ironsong Tribe, or simply "The White Wolf." : Level 70 Male Tauren Enhancement Shaman | Tailor (Mooncloth), Enchanter

- Ssenkra (Aka Ssenkra Nisir or Karmen Lark. Sometimes simply called a bitter old crow.) : Level 61 Female Forsaken Affliction Warlock | Tailor, Miner

- Eziror (Aka Eziror'ret, or "That troll with the heavy accent and the speech impediment.") : Level 59 Female Troll Combat Rogue | Engineer (Goblin), Miner

- Jansia : Level 44 Female Blood Elf Protection Paladin | Jewelcrafter, Miner

- Legn (Aka Legn Kaer. Despite total blindness, her happy demeanor has left her affectionately known as "The Owner of All Happy!" : Level 42 Female Forsaken Shadow (Holy in RP) Priest | Alchemist, Herbalist

- Shrirak (Pet is named "Dart" after my old RL Wolf!) : Level 31+ Female Orc Marksman Huntress | Skinner, Leatherworker

- Kirsalia (Aka Kirsalia Runetotem) : Level 31+ Female Tauren Balance Druid | Miner, Blacksmith

- Tuze (Aka "Insanity Personified") : Level 31+ Male Blood Elf (who really knows, RP-wise) Fire Mage | Enchanter, Miner

- Kinde (Aka Kinde Ghostwaker, Last survivor of the Ghostwaker Tribe) : Level 31+ Male Tauren Fury Warrior | Miner, Blacksmith

- Nomekaer (Aka "Legn's Curse") : Deathknight (WotLK Character!)

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