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Username: Locaenvy Top Rater  
Character: Locaenvy (A)
Realm & Rank: Azjol-Nerub-US (#17)
Pets Collected: 544/601
Pets Rated: 615/617 — Appearance
603/605 — Battle
Joined: December 27, 2012
Last Online: Today
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Locaenvy Says: 

 Thank you so much GORGANITES! I adore the serpent! They are a great guild, well rounded and very welcoming. 

  I have used 34 rune rolls this week between both The Son of Animus pet (with no luck, save the last roll netted me 100g opposed to the usual 19g) and the pet drop from Primordius. No luck on either... 


 Update: Son of Animus finally landed in my bags! YAY! Killed Dark Animus and BAM! Boss drop! YAY!

 Gifted to me : Moon Moon pet, Blackfuse Bombling, Rascalbot <3 Thank you very much for the pets! :)


Posted Nov 13, 2013 at 6:32am

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About Locaenvy:

Hello! I'm not sure what to write here so... I've been here (Azeroth) for a very very long time. In my travels I have aquired many small friends to accompany me on my ever changing trek. Recently I have helped many a stranger befriend rare companions to share their own journies with. Yesterday, I took two friends to Silithus and they each found Rare Guardlings to add to their collections. It was about 7am for the first rare find, and around 9am for the second rare find. Both in the spot right out front of the Ruins in the sand. If you see me toiling about in Azeroth and are trying to camp a specific pet (Companion or hunter pet) shoot me a whisper and I am more than happy to help hunt around!



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