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Username: Lanffear  
Character: Bloodmaiden (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadowsong-EU (#11)
Pets Collected: 845/890
Pets Rated: 8/891 — Appearance
7/872 — Battle
Joined: March 08, 2013
Last Online: 2 days ago
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About Lanffear:

Gave up raiding early last year and instead spend my wow time collecting pets.  I've collected pets since I started in 2007, on my alli main firstly - a siamese cat was my very first pet :) I rolled an BE lock about 4 months after I started playing and also collected pets on her.  I love pets, and for many years loved collecting hunter pets, spent many many hours getting them all.  Unfortunately my love waned as the challenge was removed and pet abilities became standardised instead of being specific to a particular type, remember when the only way to get bite rank 8 was to tame a bloodaxe worg in Blackrock Spire?  The feeling of elation was similar to completing the quest chain for the Dreadsteed of Xoroth.  Luckily, I was (am) in a great guild hordeside who helped my lock with the quests as soon as she dinged 60, and I did the charger quest within days on my human paladin with the help of friends from my alli guild (sadly long gone), I think at this point pets are the only interest keeping me logging in, although I admit to looking forward to Warlords, it looks interesting...

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