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Username: Labyrinthe Site MVP  
Character: Labyrinthe (H)
Realm & Rank: Turalyon-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 601/606
Pets Rated: 0/617 — Appearance
0/605 — Battle
Joined: December 31, 2009
Last Online: 2 days ago
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Labyrinthe Says: 

Back to #1 on my server, hurray!


All pets are now 25! Huzzah!



Current project in progress:

Deadly Pet Brawler: 685/1000 



Looking to Acquire:


Golden Pig (RaF)

Jade Tiger (RaF)

Silver Pig (RaF)

Zipao Tiger (RaF)



If you haven't already, check out this great thread if you need some motivation or direction on your pet leveling :)


My trade list can be found here.

Posted Sep 21, 2014 at 7:36pm

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About Labyrinthe:

I've been into pets since the very beginning. I had played Blizzard games for years but when I saw that the World of Warcraft collector's edition came with a little panda that would follow you around, I was hooked.


It wasn't long after that that I realized there were other non-combat pets in WoW and I had to get my hands on those, too! My first, and most prized pet, was the Hyacinth Macaw. I felt it matched my druid beautifully and I didn't go anywhere without it. I became so attached that I kept an eye out for more hyacinths on the AH for my other characters (before pets were account-wide), and I often managed to snag them for 10s or less (this was back when they were a plain old white quality pet and people didn't know the difference between a hyacinth macaw vs. any other parrot). 


I then stumbled upon the (then Alliance-only) quest to get my very own Sprite Darter Hatchling. I made sure to do this quest on all of my alts and my little faerie dragon quickly became my favorite pet. I was so happy when Horde characters were finally able to farm their own and now that pets are account-wide I'm able to keep my all-time favorite pet by my side regardless of which character I'm playing. I'm even considering a sprite darter tattoo as a nod to my favorite pet and a subtle shout-out to the WoW community.


I'll admit I was a little disappointed when we were told about the imminent debut of pet battles in MoP during Blizzcon '11. That said, I quickly found them to be one of my favorite aspects of the game and I'm very happy that Blizzard has embraced the pet community. I look forward to continuing to collect all the pets I can get my little paws on :)

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