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Username: Jean Site MVP  
Character: Yooralla (A)
Realm & Rank: Dragonblight-EU (#19)
Pets Collected: 677/706
Pets Rated: 188/724 — Appearance
183/710 — Battle
Joined: August 10, 2008
Last Online: Yesterday
Community: Comments (2)
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Messaging: Enabled Contact Jean

Jean Says: 

News of the day:  Son of Animus is finally mine! Now just missing Viscous Horror from ToT!


»Wish List:

Spineclaw Crab

Droplet of Y'Shaarj


♥Recent additions

677. Son of Animus

676. Lil' Leftovers

675. Eye of Observation

674. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen


√Todo List:

Trunks 41/44

Celestials Tournament 1/4

Darkmoon Faire Pets 11/14

Nat Pagle 0/2



All rare quality

All pets to level 25

Draenor Pet Brawler 400+/2000

Legendary Pet Brawler 2000+/5000


Toy Box


Newest: Pandaren Firework Launcher


·Mount Count·


Newest: Great Greytusk

Posted 2 days ago at 10:43pm

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About Jean:

Oh Hi everyone!


I've always been a pet collector, even ended up deleting multiple valuable items, like tier 3, ashbringer O-O and you know- so I could stuck up on more pets in my bank! I regret it, just tiny bit today!



Other than that, I've gone casual since mid through Mist of Pandaria, I used to raidlead a lot, being main tank and main healer for many many many years! And now that I've moved across the world, and are on a different timezone than europe, I don't see me coming back to that in the future.



I was 1st on my server in WotLK, for most unique pets collected, same in Cataclysm- Been jumping and down in top 5 alot, for years! Now almost back in top 10! Working hard, and spending all my gold on all the pets!





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