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Username: Gardenia Site MVP  
Character: Gardenia (A)
Realm & Rank: Grizzly Hills-US (#3)
Pets Collected: 641/703
Pets Rated: 11/705 — Appearance
2/693 — Battle
Joined: June 18, 2011
Last Online: Yesterday
Community: Comments (2)
Forum Posts (6)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Gardenia

Gardenia Says: 

Highest Rank - Grizzly Hills: #3

Pets Left to Upgrade: 9/641 (All upgradable pets Rare)

Pets At Max Level: 430/641

Newest Pets: Sentinel's Companion; Frostwolf Pup; Eye of Observation


Newest Level 25s: Bloodsting Wasp; Leatherhide Runt; Shadow Sporebat; Frostfur Rat; Icespine Hatchling


Most Wanted Pets:

-Crawling Claw

-Darkmoon Rabbit

-Viscous Horror

-Rocket Chicken

-Servant of Demidos

-Lanticore Spawnling

-Ore Eater


Currently Working On:

-2000 pet battles in Draenor for garrison monument

-Fishing up Lunkers to get Nat's pets

-Collecting Draenic seeds

Posted Yesterday at 9:28pm

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About Gardenia:

Ever since I started playing WoW back in 2004, I have loved the companion pets. My little gnome always had her faithful White Kitten at her side. I collected as many of them as I could, and even grinded for Azure Whelplings before the Cataclysm hit, since they're my favorite ones. (Still got an extra one if anyone is interested in trading.) 


When MoP was announced, I was admittedly a bit turned off by the whole "Kung-Fu Pandas and Pokemon" thing, so I stopped playing for a while. Then I finally decided to give it a go and became instantly hooked on the Pet Battles. Some RL stuff led to me taking another hiatus from the game and I have only recently returned to WoW and Pet Battling. I've also gotten my boyfriend into it and I've been teaching him how to effectively battle while helping him find rares out in the wild for his collection. (And giving him a few of my extra cageables, as well.)


My favorite pet is the Lesser Voidcaller. I'm a warlock, so that makes sense doesn't it? I also admittedly love my Anubisath Idol because he's a beast and makes leveling my lowbie pets so much easier on me.


Other Pets With a Soft Spot in My Heart:


White Kitten - My faithful little pet from back in Vanilla. I remember sitting and waiting in Stormwind for FOUR HOURS for Lil Timmy to spawn so I could buy one.

Mr. Wiggles - The very first Childrens' Day pet I got was this adorable little piggy.

Hyacinth Macaw - Purshaced for 20G from someone on the AH who didn't know what they had. Purple is my favorite color, and this bird is just so pretty!

Sprite Darter Hatchling - Someone saw me with this one and offered to buy it. Nope! I did the quest for it back in the day. Not for sale.

Pebble - A recent acquisition which took me FOREVER to get because the daily required to complete (ten times) for the achievement just would not come up for me on a regular basis.

Black Tabby - Named after a dearly-departed furry friend of mine, this is one pet I can never part with.


I look forward to getting more pets when the next expansion comes out!

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