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Username: Flibbit Site MVP  
Character: Flibbit (A)
Realm & Rank: Scarlet Crusade-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 605/606
Pets Rated: 0/617 — Appearance
0/605 — Battle
Joined: October 04, 2010
Last Online: Today
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Flibbit Says: 

Pets: 605/606, all upgraded

Pets not yet at max level: 436 =P

Pet Brawler progress: pathetic


Not looking forward to these last two goals: stunted direhorn and tons of pet leveling. But it's not like there will be any other pet activities to persue for the next 7 months.


I figure I need to get 2 more pets to 25 and 2 pvp wins every single day until WoD releases in order to be 100% done (just in time to start anew).

Posted 4 days ago at 11:27pm

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About Flibbit:

Flibbit was my very first WoW character, back when the game released. At that point, pets weren't on my radar, but she had a few. She got to level 60, and soon started gathering dust as I took breaks from the game and restarted on different servers and factions.


Xau had been my first real pet collector, topping out somewhere in the mid 180s early into Cataclysm. Flibbit was revived late in WotLK and also came down with pet fever. Due to a lot of faction grinding, holidays, and TCG pets that I wasn't realistically going to get again, she maxxed out somewhere about 160 early in Cata.


I took a year and a half break, and started Mists on 2/23/13, so I'm a little late to the party. Pooling all pets from all characters upon my return came out to about 190 unique. Day 14 I was at 340. Day 36 (3/31/13), I hit 500.


There always seem to be 10-20 that I'm still working on because I'm under-motivated or dreading, but I'm trying to stay *close* to the finish line, even if I can't actually cross it. Not to mention how there are always pets that won't be available for months showing up as soon as they are in the game files. As interested as I am to know what's coming, I wish they wouldn't do that =P


Also of note: I have pet pvp. I like the trainers, even many of the quests, but pvp and even the Celestial Tournament - while I'm glad they are diversifying - are not my speed. I'm far more into collecting pets than I am into leveling them. I'm near the point where that's one of the few things left for me to work on, but it's about as grindy as grindy gets.

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