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Username: Dizzykat28560  
Character: Hadara (H)
Realm & Rank: Auchindoun-US (#32)
Pets Collected: 236/756
Pets Rated: 39/756 — Appearance
34/740 — Battle
Joined: March 16, 2014
Last Online: February 12, 2015
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Dizzykat28560 Says: 

On the hunt for Unborn Val'kyr at the moment.


Tried going for Moon Moon but no luck. I will have to wait until next month for that. :(

Posted Jun 7, 2014 at 2:43pm

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About Dizzykat28560:

I am a big sucker for pets, IRL and on games. That's what I spend most of my time doing. LOL. I do the ocassional quest here and there, but I love collecting the pets. And this new Pet Battle thing is ADDICTIVE. It's like Pokemon, but with cuter animals. And now that you can name companions-it's lovely!


I always go after the feline pets/mounts/companions, because I love kitties and yeah-I'll end up being a crazy cat lady. At least I have a crazy cat man to go with me. ^_^ And yes, I know I can get that title in the game so I am trying so hard to get that achievement. So if you see me running around, don't mind me, I'm just on a mission to get a pet. 


I know I won't probably be able to get at least two unless I want to spend big bucks: The Spectral Tiger and Spectral Tiger Cub. Which SUCKS because it incorporates everything I love into one pet. It's cat related, it's transluscent, and it sparkles. And it's hella adorable. Even the little ride thing I don't think I'll ever get. And I've bought boxes of Scourgewar just to attempt to get these mounts.


So if you see me say hi. If you have a kitty who needs a home or any companion pet that you want to give or trade, let me know. If I do get extras I will sell or trade them cheap. I know there are people scalping out there. So if you're looking for a pet that is tradable and don't feel like doing the work, hit me up. Or if you need help, I can do my best. My main character is Hadara, a troll hunter in Auchindoun. My BattleTag is DizzyKat#1819


Right now I only play Horde on Auchindoun. I do plan on starting an Alliance character soon. (Worgen of course and a Night Elf) but then there's the thought of being a traitor to my faction. So that's what's holding me back. And if I see an Alli in the field, I won't attack you unless you attack me or are attacking someone who can't defend themselves. I'm a bit of a carebear, so deal with it. I usually hang in Dalaran (where my hearthstone is set) and go to Orgrimmar occasaionally if I need to go to get a certain pet I don't have.


I actually stopped playing in 2011 because the PC I had that played it died, so when my laptop (which can barely play Facebook games) started to get on it's way out I got a laptop (HP) that can play it. And I can actually hear it. LMAO! It's got those Beats speakers which are awesome in it. So I'm still getting used to some things and all the new updates over the years.


Happy Playing!

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