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Username: Deliduul  
Character: Deliduul (A)
Realm & Rank: Wyrmrest Accord-US (#551)
Pets Collected: 378/725
Pets Rated: 0/749 — Appearance
0/734 — Battle
Joined: June 17, 2009
Last Online: April 04, 2015
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Deliduul Says: 

Does your Wolpertinger linger? No. Why? Because THE CAKE IS A LIE! MRRGLRGLURGLR!!!!
Posted Jul 22, 2009 at 11:06am

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About Deliduul:

My collection uses my three highest level characters.
My level 84 Human Death Knight, my 60 Orc Death Knight* and my 47 Draenei Hunter.
My Draenei is on the US Moon Guard server. My DK is on the US Alliance Wyrmrest Accord. And my other DK is on the US Horde Anub'Arak server. I have many other characters, but the 84 and the 47 are my main pet collectors. I also have a druid on Arathor Alliance (Transfered from Scarlet Crusade), but that isn't included in these numbers.
All of the pets on my 47 are also on my Death Knight, except for a few. These are:
Baby Blizzard Bear, Lil' Smoky, and the Winter Reindeer.
Same with my druid, except he has the Father Winter's Helper.
My 60 isnt a pet collector, but he does have one pet that no other characters on my account do. The Ravasaur Hatchling.
In addition, I have the Withers pet on my Druid (Who I faction changed), which helps, so I dont have to do a very lengthy chain.
Pet stats:
Human Death Knight - 88 pets.
Hunter - 43 pets.
Orc Death Knight - 6 Pets.
The Orc, as I said before, isn't a pet collector. He is a PvPer.

When I tried to Jailbreak my iPod, it screwed up and made me restore, resetting the sync between the authenticator and my account. I was unable to log in to the account for about a week, and could only do so once the authenticator was removed. Thus, I no longer have the Core Hound Pup. :(

*After the hacking of my account, all my characters were deleted. After a week of tedious waiting, I got an email from a blizzard GM saying that some of my characters were restored. Out of the 3 returned, 2 of them were my human and my draenei. Sadly, my orc was left out. I will keep the ravasaur hatchling in my collection, and will keep the info of the orc here until another one of my characters gets it. (the druid I mentioned before was also lost, then re-obtained later.)

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