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Username: Damkina Top Rater  
Character: Aubisa (H)
Realm & Rank: Emerald Dream-EU (#29)
Pets Collected: 592/671
Pets Rated: 184/705 — Appearance
105/693 — Battle
Joined: October 22, 2013
Last Online: Today
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Damkina Says: 

Murkalot animations are epic!  Love this little guy <3

Posted Nov 7, 2013 at 2:28am

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About Damkina:

Hi there, Damkina here!  I began playing World of Warcraft in April 2006 and have really enjoyed the game as it has changed over the years.  Before there were pet battles I was a collector of pets, but now that I have recently started to do the battles I am really impressed by the breadth of challenges available to collectors.  I had to do quite a bit of reading to understand about Breed IDs, but it was time well spent because it makes so much difference when choosing pets to tame and building a good team.


My taming style at the start was pedantic, I would try to get a rare drop/best breed of the pet in question before moving on to the next pet.  However, after recently spending four hours trying to get a rare P/P Nether Faerie Dragon I gave up in frustation, carrying only an uncommon P/P with me for my efforts.  As luck would have it, about one hour later the game decided to roll a lovely Flawless Battle-Stone as a drop for a pet battle in Thousand Needles, which after some research on top battle pets I realised would be perfect for the uncommon dragon!


After that experience I saw that my base approach was not improving my odds after all, so I changed my taming style to just enjoying the experience.  Now I try for a new pet for a little while and if there is no reasonable success I move on and just hold on to the highest level breed with the intention of returning another day for better luck.  I have found this to be much more fun than grinding for hours on end with only grey/white critters before me. 


When I feel like a change I browse the Achievements and see what I can achieve in the short term.  I would like to get the Safari Hat sooner rather than later!


There is only one caveat to my enjoyment of the pet battles.  I wish that Blizzard did not require that the pets we battle (or our own) to actually have to die.  I would prefer it to be like the duelling system where they 'die' at one HP.  It gives me a bad feeling to see my char cheer at the death of a critter.  Makes me think of people cheering at illegal dog fights, which makes me feel bad.  I wish Blizz would think about how this could be perceived by some.  If they changed that one aspect pet taming would be much more fun for me :)


Ps!  Cool name generator for naming your pets!

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