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Username: Dakender Site MVP  
Character: Datundra (H)
Realm & Rank: Madoran-US (#59)
Pets Collected: 551/617
Pets Rated: 195/617 — Appearance
190/605 — Battle
Joined: November 12, 2008
Last Online: Yesterday
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Forum Posts (173)
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Dakender Says: 

Got my Alpha Invite to WoD today :)


Anything ya'll want me to check out if I can?


Working on getting some pet's ATM, not like last beta where they gave you 100's, you start with NONE.  I have a few in the mail, but it's buggy at the moment too.


If you get in too, look me up name is "Menagerie" on Horde.

Posted Jun 17, 2014 at 6:53pm

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About Dakender:

Retired USAF :) Now play'n for a Livin.....


I have alts on many servers, so lots of ways to get ahold of me .....







--(Realm) Madoran:

   (H) Datunda - Main - 90 Hunter

   (H) Dakendra - 87 Mage

   (H) Ðeathßovine - 58 Death Knight

   (H) Frankßuck - 11 Hunter

   (A) Flèaßag -Allies of Warcraftpets GM - 80 Mage

--(Realm) Azjol-Nerub:

   (A) Fléaßag - 61 Death Knight

--(Realm) Durotan:

   (H) Honeyßadger - 16 Hunter

   (H) Weeweechu - 4 Monk

   (H) Ðeadßob - 60 Death Knight

--(Realm) Area 52:

   (H) Dakendra - 1 Mage

--(Realm) Cenarius:

   (H) Ðeadßob - 55 Death Knight

--(Realm) Ravenholdt:

   (H) Ærogastria - 88 Mage

   (H) Ðeathßovine - 58 Death Knight

--(Realm) Silvermoon:

   (?) Weeweechu - 1 Hunter


-(Tab) Tournament:

--(Realm) Arena Tournament 1:

   (A) Ingress - 90 Mage

   (A) Datundra - 90 Hunter

   (H) Dakender - 90 Hunter

   (H) Dakendra - 90 Mage




Anasterian (US)

 (H) Dakender - 90 Hunter (Copy from Live, Engineer)

 (H) Dakendra - 86 Mage (Copy from Live, Tailoring)

 (H) Weeweechu - 90 Mage (Warcraftpets GM)

 (A) Hoochee - 90 Mage (Allies of Warcraftpets GM)



Pet Journal


Darkmoon:  Never really did like the Darkmoon, but now with all the pet's it's something I have to do, so I'm slacking in that department.....



Darkmoon Cub

Darkmoon Eye

Darkmoon Glowfly

Darkmoon Hatchling

Darkmoon Monkey

Darkmoon Tonk

Darkmoon Zeppelin

Darkmoon Baloon

Darkmoon Rabbit

Darkmoon Turtle


Wish List:


Hmmm, will work on this one :)

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