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Username: Chrisski  
Character: Samusaran (A)
Realm & Rank: Ravencrest-US (#27)
Pets Collected: 639/735
Pets Rated: 0/764 — Appearance
0/748 — Battle
Joined: March 24, 2009
Last Online: 2 days ago
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Chrisski Says: 

10/5/15:  1st week of running new older raids for pets, got 1 from BT & 3 from Sunwell; 0 from Hyjal though...

9/29/15:  I forgot how much of a pain Major Payne can be on somedays...

9/28/15:  My 1st new pet, thanks to Del, the mech scorpid!

9/15/15:  I have returned to the world of WoW.  & am #49 on server but #14k+ overall...



7/13/13:  Retiring from World of Warcraft #1 on server & high #400s overall (hope to see you all again 1 day because it has been so fun collecting & battling)  :)

Posted Oct 5, 2015 at 6:45pm

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About Chrisski:

I'm a collector and a pet lover in real life, especially cats (hence why i have a hunter collector too).


In the game, guess what, I'm a collector and pet lover too lol.



The phoenix are still my favorite pet (would love the mount, which I now have, both even!).


I've completed (on 2 toons) the raptor and croc sets, strand crawler, sewer rat and Mr. Pinchy (who I could tell quite some tales about getting, including one involving bags being full, 2 gm tickets and an all nighter, *shudders*). Took the 9th wish to give me the pet btw.



I've bought 8 of the trading card pets so far..and bought 6 (counts as 7 since the boomchicken is diff on my horde/ally toons) of the new ones from the WoW online store. have Kirin Tor pet on 7 toons (well I did til it was combined down to 1 per account), Jadefang 4x (tiny shale spider 3x) and Mojo 3x...yea, I'm insane.



I've met some great people while farming for pets and developed some good friendships on both horde and alliance (yea for the logistics of trading to both sides for argent pets).


Collectors tend to be the friendliest of people I have found, so woot to all of you!



So good luck to all, and good luck to me too lol, as I farm for mounts many things to farm, so little time, hehe.

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