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Username: Bwana Site MVP  
Character: Bwana (A)
Realm & Rank: Skywall-US (#4)
Pets Collected: 650/684
Pets Rated: 0/722 — Appearance
0/709 — Battle
Joined: March 02, 2013
Last Online: February 18, 2015
Community: Comments (2)
Forum Posts (12)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Bwana

Bwana Says: 

I was just about to call it a night after a long session of leveling pets when I noticed the mail icon. To my delight, someone had sent me a pet that i didn't have right out of the blue! Thank you so much, Wakamaru! And thanks Breanni for creating this wonderful place for friendly people to share in the fun.

Posted Jan 27, 2015 at 1:54am

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About Bwana:

Recent additions/accomplishments:

Nightshade Sproutling

Lovebird Hatchling

Frostwolf Pup - Thank you Wakamaru!

Eye of Observation - Thank you Anna!

Servant of Demidos

Bananas (completes my TCG collection)

Hatespark the Tiny

Many new WoD pets


Draenor Pet Collector

Got all pet's to rare quality (again)

Levelled all pets to 25, again


Todo List:

Pretty much done until the new raiding with leashes pets arrive


Pets Needed:

Store pets and plushies

Bone Wasp

Deathwatch Hatchling

Land Shark

Lanticore Spawnling

Lil' Leftovers

Ore Eater

Sea Calf


Highest Rank:

Skywall: 2 Site: 374

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