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Username: Beyonder Site MVP  
Character: Beyonder (H)
Realm & Rank: Kul Tiras-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 702/711
Pets Rated: 0/722 — Appearance
0/709 — Battle
Joined: December 21, 2012
Last Online: Today
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Beyonder Says: 

Only the Pygmy Cow and Stunted Direhorn left to get. 


Two pets I will never be able to get;

Spirit Of Competition and the Vampiric Batling


Five pets that I can get if I had $9,000 to blow;

Mini Tyrael - $1200

3 Vanilla WOW CE Edition Pets - $5000

Murky - $3000


Since I may be laid off next month those 5 move into the impossible realm.


Berenzen was my inspiration to complete the Celestial Tournament and max level every unique pet.  Thanks B!


Thanks agian to this site and all those who gave awesome tips for everything.


Peace, Brother and Sister Pet Collectors!

Posted 1 week ago at 4:26am

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About Beyonder:

Started playing WOW FEB 2006.  I still cannot believe that 9 years has passed by, time is moving so fast.  Currently I only casually play, most of my time I spend on finishing up the holiday events that I blew off over the years and leveling pets.  If it were not for the battle pets, I think I would have stopped playing after I hit 90.  My daughter plays and does some raiding and PVP.  I am stationed overseas in Korea with the US Military.  Many thanks to those who put up this site as it is an awesome resource for info on pet collecting.  Got addicted to Diablo 3 agian in 2014, got all classes to 70 in SC and HC modes.   Wishing all of you a safe, healthy and blessed 2015.  





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