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Username: Aareon  
Character: Aareon (A)
Realm & Rank: Deathwing-US (#62)
Pets Collected: 455/685
Pets Rated: 0/705 — Appearance
0/693 — Battle
Joined: November 23, 2008
Last Online: February 02, 2013
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Aareon Says: 

YES! After a many many MANY hours I have my minfernal! Yesterday I ran around killing critters all over felwood, got tired and logged off, that very second my friend zoned back into Felwood after an arena and GOT ONE! I was so bummed! This morning I did a round of clearing critters, and then sat my priest there while I got ready to go to work... I came back and decided to do one more round and BOOM there he was! My heart raced as I battled, wanting to rush but not accidently kill it, as I am on a PvP server and people are always knocking me out of battles. But noone did, and I got him. Common quality, but I have a battlestone! Hooray!! All I need to do is wait until the Qiraji Guardling spawns and I have zookeeper title!

Posted Dec 30, 2012 at 10:46am

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About Aareon:

7 years ago my boyfriend gave me a mechanical squirrel to follow Aareon around in all his adventures and well, thats where it all started! I love to collect in game pets, they keep me interested in the game and I will keep collecting until the day I no longer play! I have been very lucky in my searching- while I have put in my chare of farming for sure, I was lucky enough to get the Black Tabby for 5gold on the neutral AH and the Hyecinth Macaw for a mere 10 gold on the ally AH a few years ago. Many people have helped me with my collection over the years and I'll never forget that!

Happy pet hunting all!

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