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Working on;

* Legion pets/achievements/mounts & toys

* Playing Heroes of the Storm/Hearthstone

* At some point WoD Archaeology and old PvP achievements


* Farming 1k+ Pet Charms for Narcissa's Mirror & to upgrade my newly caught wild pets to rare (17 need upgrading)

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - ✔682 atm



Most recent pets acquired (843 Unique);

Broot & Nightmare Lasher


* Raiding with Leashes finished, gave in and bought a Drudge Ghouls so I still need that :3



Latest Mount (319 Horde, 389 including Alliance);

* Nightbane mount ♥



Happy Hunting & a huge thanks to everyone who's ever helped me with all my collecting!

Posted: December 01, 2016 12:11:34 PM

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