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Was up late Xmas Eve gift wrapping for Christmas and decided to check for the Snowy Owl and Baby Ape.  I managed to capture both pets as Uncommon.  I'll likely use a battlestone on the Baby Ape because I don't have the patience to keep camping that island for a rare on only rainy days. :P  The Snowy Owl doesn't spawn nearly enough in Winterspring.  At least we have all winter to farm a rare.  Sigh.


In other news, I got a Rotten Little Helper 2 days before Christmas from the Stolen Present.  Named him Grinchy!  He's adorable!  :D


Received the Alterac Brew Pup and Blossoming Ancient as Christmas presents from someone who truly loves me.  I will treasure them forever.  <3

Posted: December 25, 2013 4:58:08 PM

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