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I decided I wanted the Zookeeper title for my hunter and within a period of 4 days, I finished the World Safari achievement.  I camped 4 death knight alts on 4 different realms in Tanaris, where I periodically logged in over a 2 day period to check for a sand storm.  Sure enough, on Moonguard, I logged in while a sand storm was occurring at peak server time.  I was the only person there and captured a rare Silithid Hatchling within 5 minutes.


Later this same night, my warrior alt managed to capture a rare Arctic Fox Kit in Storm Peaks on the edge of Snowdrift Plains.  I logged in at K3 and captured a common one first, then flew up north for the rare.  :)  Amazing night for battle pet collecting!

Posted: May 15, 2014 2:43:38 AM

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