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Finished leveling pets (until I get new ones).


...Wow!  One of my friends (Insane... don't know their WCP name) gave me a Wind Rider Cub!  I then posted about that on my guild's facebook page and one of my guild mates insisted on buying me the Gryphon Hatchling to go with it!  (The Gryphon Hatchling arrived this morning -9/8/14- and is now level 25!)


Wanted pets:

Stunted Direhorn - 65/250 Lvl 25 PvP pet battles

Clock'em - Bleah!  Rank 3 (4 fights to go... limiting myself to 3 wipes a week on this)

RL $$ Pets - Double Bleah!

Posted: September 09, 2014 2:25:38 AM

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