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Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes? I've been farming Timeless Isle since November, and finally yesterday after COUNTLESS KILLS of Garnia asked around for an add-on that tracks pet/mount mob kills...I also bought a droplet for 5k, wiping out all my money.


After installing the addon yesterday, I killed her 3 times. Then this morning I woke up and logged on. Saw she was up on RC but no HP was listed so I booked it up there just in case. She was so close to dead I got off ONE moonfire after dropping instantly from my glider - JUST BARELY.


Pet dropped. /facepalms so hard.



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Posted: April 02, 2014 3:22:12 PM

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I was not too happy about the cooldown, but to make it worse this new "constant companion" thing Blizzard did for pets affects these guys, too!

Case in point, I hit honored late last night. Got the pet. Summoned him, and logged. The next day I logged on, and for some reason when I hearthed to Stormwind he got "called" again- thus resetting the timer though I'd not chosen to summon him!

Posted: May 09, 2011 8:11:31 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +2
Am I the only one who really badly wants to lick the palm of my hand and push down that tuft of hair? XD I know if I even tried though it would just spring right back up!
Posted: February 28, 2010 2:16:42 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +5
Maybe he's so upset because he knows one day rather than cuddling him and giving him little treats we're gunna throw a saddle on him and ride him like a cowboy, yeehaw!
Posted: February 28, 2010 2:13:46 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +22
It's a beautiful beastie, congratulations to the Taiwan players! There's a lot of stuff we're jealous of on both sides of the fence, I know, but we're all pet lovers in the end and a shame not all of the pets from any of the country specific servers are available to all!

Gratz on a great pet you deserve, and here's wishing we'll get a neat gem pet at some point! :D
Posted: February 26, 2010 3:04:35 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +7
Maybe I'm alone in this, and I don't care what anyone says about it...but this pet to me still trumps his cousin, the toxic! Sure, the other guy consumes innocent little critters, but this guy turns you into a lean, green, disease-ridden machine!
Posted: February 26, 2010 1:24:57 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
Re: Warbot
I really hope that they replenish your ability to get fuel. I know it was a promotional pet, but maybe if they had just let you get one fuel that perma-colored your pet (you could choose per toon which fuel, maybe?) rather than consumables that will run out.

I'm too afraid to use my fuel unless I know someone else is around I can battle. So they're just gathering dust in my bank, waiting for the day my bot can cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!
Posted: February 26, 2010 1:19:03 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +4
A really adorable animation would have been to have him sit down, like the bear cubs do, or perhaps more like troll males...and peel a banana and eat it. Or maybe toss the peel behind him so it looks like someone might slip on it.
Posted: February 26, 2010 1:15:52 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +2
As a pet collector I go for any pet, whether I like it personally or not. My tauren druid has quite an oddball collection now because of this.

But for the life of me the only thing I can think of when I see this lashling is "Pet Shop of Horrors!" A beak, thorns, creepy tentacles...
Posted: February 26, 2010 1:08:56 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
I would love to see a lot more albino -anything- petwise in WoW. Especially since I'm from Houston, Texas where our zoo has an albino alligator. Would be great to have a little baby one as a pet! Maybe for killing the Stormwind Sewer Beast?
Posted: February 26, 2010 1:06:09 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +4
I love, love, love that the summoning animation is to take a swig from a mug! I cracked up the first time I whipped out my Elekk! I do agree a glow, or to look like the pink elekk mobs would have been nice. It's not as if the model doesn't exist! But you know Blizzard, pah!
Posted: September 29, 2009 12:03:09 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
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