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It's a bit harder to tell (both in-game and on this site) but I THINK the only non-WoD, non-RAF/promotional pet I'm missing now is the Darkmoon Rabbit!  Well... and the Spirit of Competition, which I had once upon a time but which got lost in the Great Pet Calamity of Whatever Patch That Was (rabble rabble).  I bankrupted myself on several servers to manage those last couple TCG pets, but gold on servers I never play on anymore is only really useful for buying account-wide items off the AH anyway so I suppose it works out in the end.


I kind of want to do RAF again, both for one of the four? five? current rewards I'm missing (one mount + all pets) and to level more alts, but now is definitely not the time for that, haha

Posted: October 19, 2014 4:13:19 PM

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