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I'm now broke as all get-out on my raiding server and I'm pretty sure I'm supporting shady practices of some kind (considering how many magically appeared at 45k all across US realms today, according to the Undermine Journal) but I have a Spectral Tiger Cub of my very own at long last!  I'm heading out to level it (and my Level That Pet! III assignment) now but I'd been looking for one on a server I had the gold to afford it on for so long that I figured I'd basically never find one and I have no idea what to name it! haha


The only pet I really really want but don't/can't have now is a Wind Rider Cub, though maybe Warlords will introduce a wild pet version to cushion the disappointment :x

Posted: April 23, 2014 11:32:34 PM

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