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I L O V E Birds of a Feather when it's at the pet menagerie.  It's some combination of the high crit rate, the speed at which the fights are over, and how reliable it is to level pets with it but while I find myself hard-pressed some days to even do the menagerie daily (let alone go out into the world), I just spent three hours grinding out pet levels (29 pets to max today!) and the only reason I'm stopping now is because I'm way past my bedtime, haha.


About the only downside is that those battles don't seem to count for the 5k battles achievement/monument (though they do for the 150/500 one to unlock the tier 3 menagerie plans). Still, hopefully I'm actually awake during normalish business hours for the next round!

Posted: December 27, 2014 6:56:31 PM

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